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Manuscript Preparation Guide

October 5, 6,7, 2017, Planta Centro Bacolod Hotel and Residences


TITLE –> should be 12 words or less


            A good abstract should have only one paragraph. Submit a 200-word abstract with the following parts: (1) background; (2) method/s; (3) results; and (4) conclusion.

Keyword should include: (1) discipline of the study; (2) concepts investigated; (3) methods and process, (4) geography (country/ continent).

1. Introduction

            Contributed papers are limited to 5000 words including all figures and tables. Each manuscript typically contains the following sections: Title, Author’s name (academic position is not required), email address, Abstract, Introduction, Text, Conclusion, Acknowledgment (if preferred), and References.

2. Style and Format

2.1 General

            Manuscripts are typed single space except for headings. Font type should mimic Times New Roman #12 (shown here). Full justification is recommended.

            Type your manuscripts on letter (8.5 in x 11 in) sized sheets. All margins should be 1 in.

2.2 Title Block

            The title should appear in upper and lower case without underlining, centered across columns. Type the author’s name and affiliation also in upper and lower case letters centered under the title. In case of multi-authorship, group the authors and identify each author by superscript numbers corresponding to the organization which should be grouped below authors. The asterisk (*) should be marked as the superscript after a corresponding author’s name, while the presenter’s name should be underlined.

2.3 Headings and Subheadings

            Headings and subheadings are in upper and lower case bold letter without underlining, if applicable. They should be typed in Times New Roman size 12, bold. They should appear with sequential numbers, left-hand justified in the column. A blank line should be used to separate paragraphs when each section is finished.

2.4 Equations

            Equations are to be numbered consecutively throughout the text. The equation number should be placed in parenthesis and flushed with the right-hand margin. Italic alphabets are recommended for equation parameters.

2.5  Citations

            Citations within the text must be based on the recommended style of the discipline of which you are writing. The 6th edition of the American Psychology Association (APA) for Psychology and education and the Council of Science Editors (CSE) for pure/hard Science are some examples.

3. Tables and Figures

            Table head should be in sentence case. Do not use full point at the end of a table heading. Do not set table head and column labels in boldface. Move each table to the center; table heading should be placed on top of the table it describes flushed to the left. Figure heading should be placed below the figure. Headings do not include capitals for all content words; only the first letter of the first word should be capitalized. Each table should have three horizontal lines only without vertical lines. Figure heading should be placed below the figure. Graphics or photos must be at 300 dpi resolution to avoid pixilated printout. Figures should consist only of simple line drawings, computer-generated graphics or good quality photographs. Photographs should be original figures that are not electronically enhanced and submitted in a jpeg or png file.

4. Paper File Formatting

            All submitted papers are in MS Word .doc files or its equivalent only.

5. Conclusions

            Conclusions should be in paragraph form, not broken down. Highlight new discovery (if any) that you obtained only after completing the study, something (not found in the literature) which contributes to new knowledge. This section supports or negates previous conclusions, validates theory used and/ or generates new theory. Highlight this information so you can comply with the requirement for newness of finding. They are not repetitions of the discussion but are judgements of the results obtained.

6. References

            References must follow the style prescribed by the discipline you are writing.

Submissions must be accompanied by updated curriculum vitae (for awards purposes). photocopy of passport (for foreign participants), 2×2 photo, name of institution, institution logo and flag of country. Send these documents to Early submissions are greatly appreciated.