LCCB Research, Accreditation, and Quality Management Office

– a responsive institution of higher learning

About us

The LCCB Research, Accreditation, and Quality Management Office envisions itself to be a functional unit of a Marian Augustinian institution of higher learning which develops and enhances the research culture and quality management among faculty, non-teaching personnel, and students of the institution.

As such, the office is committed to promoting a research climate that addresses the research needs of LCC Bacolod community;  assist/provide technical assistance to faculty and student researchers; monitor and evaluate research outputs of faculty; facilitate the publication of research of faculty and students;  as well as create linkages that can help generate resources that will ensure steady flow of funds for research activities of the institution.

The office is further committed to assisting in the quality management certification and the development and accreditation of the different programs and services of the institution as a whole toward a more progressive, innovative, and responsive institution of higher learning.