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– a responsive institution of higher learning

Call for Papers

October 5, 6,7, 2017, Planta Centro Bacolod Hotel and Residences


Submission of Abstract  is Now Open

We welcome the submission of papers that highlight perspectives from relevant local, national, regional, international or comparative research papers in the following tracks.

1. Mathematical Sciences

a. Statistics and Computer Science
b. Mathematics and Operations Research

2. Medical Sciences

a.Basic Science
b. Clinical Medicine
c. Public Health
d. Medical Education

3. Biological Sciences

a.Plant Science
b. Animal Science
c. Microbiology
d. Nutrition
e. Biodiversity

4. Agriculture, Forestry and Veterinary Medicine

a.Crops and Soils
b. Animal Production
c. Forest Production
d. Forest Utilization
e. Socio – Economics and Rural Studies

5. Engineering and Industrial Research

a.Materials and Structures
b. Engineering Processes and Systems
c. Energy
d. Environmental Technology
. Information and Communication Technology
f. Transportation
g. Water Resources Management
h. Industrial Quality and Standard

6.Social Sciences

b. Sociology, Social Work and Demography
c. Political Science and Public Administration
d. Psychology and Philosophy
e. Economics and Business Administration
f.  Geography and History
g. Education


8.Chemical Sciences

a. Inorganic, Physical and Analytical Chemistry
b. Organic and Biological Chemistry
c. Environmental Science and Industrial Chemistry

9. Humanities

a. Language
b. Literature
c. Visual Arts
d. Performing Arts

10. Earth and Space Sciences

a. Meteorology and Oceanography
b. Geology and Seismology
c. Astronomy and Space Science

The Conference Technical Committee reserves the right to include a paper for consideration in a track other than the one you may 
identify, if deemed appropriate. 

Deadline of Abstract Submission: 31 July  2017

Submission Instructions

Abstracts should follow the same format used at other international meetings and in journals. An acceptable structure for an abstract includes:

Background: A statement of the hypothesis or research question.

Methods: An explanation of the study design and experimental methods used 

Results: A concise summary of the major findings of the experiment or study. Authors should provide sufficient data to permit evaluation by the Technical Committee and the public reading the abstracts.

Conclusion: Summary of the overall findings and the importance of the study.

Abstracts will be accepted into one of the two categories:

Oral Presentation: The presenting author will be required to make 15 minute PowerPoint presentation.

Poster Presentation: The author will present the poster during the poster session to which it has been assigned.

Abstract accepted for oral and poster presentation will be published as part of the Conference Proceedings to be distributed to the participants. All accepted abstracts will be published as is.

The submission should only contain the abstract (Background, Methods, Results, and Conclusion) and should identify a preferred track. It should not bear any marks identifiable to the author or authors. The abstract must be  no longer than 200 words.  

In formatting the text of the Abstract, a standard font, such as 12pt, Times New Roman or its equivalent should be used.

Authors are advised to ensure that their abstracts meet the criteria and guidelines as indicated above. All abstracts should be submitted electronically in MS Word File or its equivalent to (a) and (b) or Notice of acceptance or rejection will be sent to the submitting authors.

Abstract Acceptance Notification: August 15, 2017.

Full Paper Deadline for Accepted Abstracts: August 31, 2017.