• Graduate Studies
  • Architecture, Fine Arts and Interior Design
  • Arts, Sciences and Teacher Education
  • Business and Information Technology
  • Hospitality and Tourism Studies
  • Senior High School
  • Integrated School
  • Continuing and Adult Education/EETEAP

Graduate Studies

Graduate Studies


Inspired by St. Augustine's desire for wisdom, the LCC Bacolod Graduate School envisions to produce innovative, Christian, nationalist, and globally competitive graduates.


The Graduate School commits to produce quality, competent, creation-centered, value and research-oriented educators, entrepreneurs, managers, leaders, and professionals in the 21st Century.

The Graduate School of La Consolacion College-Bacolod especially aims to:

Develop academic work of global standards that takes into account the trends of development in modern science and technology.

Produce proficient qualified graduates who have involved themselves in research of an academic nature as well as researches that address the national and regional problems, the findings of which have practical bearing on the economy and the development of the people and the environment. Reform educational and business practices in relevance for both national and developmental goals and the tradition of a society which has prized goodness over material wealth.

Provide society with professionals of reasonably caliber and creativity of thought as well as to its changing needs in the immediate future. Devise and implement courses and problem-oriented research with particular emphasis on finding local solution to local problems.

Masteral Degree Program

La Consolacion College-Bacolod offers Master Degree in Educational Management, Master in Business Administration, Master in Business Administration with major in Human Resource Management, Master of Arts in Religious Studies, Master of Arts in Education with majors in Filipino, English/Literature, Mathematics, Physical Education, General Science, and Instructional Technology.

Architecture, Fine Arts and Interior Design


Arts, Sciences and Teacher Education

Que docet dicit. He who teaches learns.



The School of Liberal Arts and Education envisions being a center of excellence producing transformative, Gospel and value-oriented leaders who shall work for sustainable and progressive society.




The School of Liberal Arts and Education is committed to the development of all learners by providing excellent instruction and relevant experiential learning in an increasing diverse, complex and technological global society.

Business and Information Technology


LCCB SBIT is the college’s center of development of future business leaders, entrepreneurs and information technology professionals who will work toward a sustainable Filipino nation. It provides specialized training in various fields of business and information and communications technology. The school is composed of competent, qualified and certified instructors, with modern instructional materials and facilities.



The Commerce Program aims to produce graduates equipped with the intellectual and technical skills and competencies who shall work toward sustainable development in the context of stewardship and social responsibility.

The Information Technology Program commits to produce competent graduates equipped with knowledge, skills, and values needed in the different dynamic fields of information and communications technology. It prepares students for service and leadership in the technological fields.

Hospitality and Tourism Studies


Senior High School

Senior High School


Integrated School

PAASCU Accredited

Vision – Mission


Integrated School

Touch by the missionary spirit of Mother Rita Barcelo, OSA, we in LCC – Bacolod Integrated School envision ourselves to be Christ – centered, humble, and compassionate and persons for others.

Thus, with living faith, we commit ourselves to a renewed evangelization that will effect personal and communal transformation.



Grade School Level

LCC Grade School commits itself to the formation of pupils equipped with fundamental skills, knowledge and habits necessary for the formation of the whole individual through its curricular and co – curricular programs thus:


1. Develop love of country, moral character, personal discipline, civic consciousness, scientific and vocational efficiency and duties of citizenship.

2. Inculcate values and attitudes towards the building of a Christian Community.

3. Prepare him to meet the need of a fast and changing society.

4. Enhance his intellectual capacities in preparation for high school life.


High School Level

The High School level of LCC, Bacolod aims to form and develop a skilled, value-oriented and responsible Filipino Christian adolescent, academically prepared to meet the needs and demands of the fast changing and developing society by providing the student curricular and co-curricular programs that will enable him/her to:

1. Develop a sense of self-direction that will make him a self- disciplined person.

2. Enhance his/her intellectual capacities in preparation for college life

3. Discover and develop his/her talents and abilities that will help him achieve self-confidence.

4. Get involved in activities towards Christian community building in and out LCC campus.

Continuing and Adult Education/EETEAP