The La Consolacion College Alumni Association Inc.
is the recognized institution for and by the alumni of
La Consolacion College Bacolod. It is the umbrella
organization of all alumni groups and chapters in the
Graduate School, College and Basic Education
Departments of the institution.



Welcome to the La Consolacion College Alumni Association Inc. 


Times are indeed changing and recent technological advancements have redefined even the way we communicate and interact with each other. Distance is no longer a problem as ‘social media’ have made the world smaller with all the communication tools at hand. For many of us, it has created a new dimension of our personalities – our so-called ‘online self’. Now, geographical boundaries are not much of a problem anymore in carrying out collaborative endeavors with colleagues, friends and relatives from different places across the world.

The LCCAAI, the umbrella organization of all alumni groups and chapters of La Consolacion College in Bacolod City, takes advantage of these new technological breakthroughs as a tool to advance its purposes and objectives – that is, to create a momentum for greater alumni involvement in the programs of their alma mater and the community at large.

This webpage and our Facebook Group page shall be a platform where all LCCians from the world over learn programs, activities and updates from the LCCAI and the school. It shall be a venue where we can connect with long lost schoolmates and relive the memories during our days at La Consolacion College Bacolod.

Thank you for joining this group. For those who wish to join our Facebook Group page, please follow this link.


Alumni Achievers


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