LCCB Alumni Families: 100 for 100 Series


The Hunt for 100 Alumni Family is on…

We have already recognized more than 100 Alumni Couple and it’s about time that we distinguish 100 and more Alumni Families in line with our preparation for the Centennial Celebration.

For generations hundreds of alumni send their children in LCCB as a natural decision.

They are those who shared the ins and outs of the campus to their broods, those who imparted crazy things that they did back in the day, and of course, those who never ran out of amazing stories to tell-- like how they got away with something—or not…

…and anything else that ties in with any of the awesome stories above.

We would like to encourage the whole family to be involved, let us retrace good connections!

We need pictures along with the following information:

Complete Names, Course/Year graduated or Current grade/ year level/course (for children)

We’d love to feature more than 100 Alumni Family on our page! Parents & Children, Siblings, Nephews & Nieces!

Be Part of a Powerful Legacy!

How can you help?

DONATE LCCB memorabilia to the Centennial Museum

VOLUNTEER to be part of our 100 in 100 Series

SPEAK AND SHARE during the Alumni Professional Sharing on March 7-9, 2017

DONATE and help build your school

OTHERS. In what way can you help us in our celebration?


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