Centennial Launching Week
March 3 (S) Envirunmental Run

Proceeds to go to the covered quadrangle. 
Registration: P150.00

March 5-7 (M-W)


General Rehearsals for the Century of Songs and Dances

March 7-9 (W-F)


Coffee/Bat/Restaurant Operations

March 7-9


SSLATE Debate / Education Congress

March 8-9


Century of Songs and Dances

March 10 (Sat)


College Alumni Assembly – Auditorium


Vikings Fellowship Dinner-  Open to Alumni at P550.00/pax
Deadline for full payment:  February 15, 2018

March 11 (S)


SHS Night

March 12 (M)


Blessing of the covered quadrangle



Mass / Launching of the Centennial Prayer



Service Awards – Auditorium

  4:00-7:00 Centennial Launching Program – Auditorium


Year-Long Centennial Activities

A. Anticipated masses every second Saturday, 5:30-6:30 to be sponsored by the different batches / depts. / other orgs.



Batches 2014-2018 (5th Year)


Batches 1984-1988 (35th Year)


Batches 2009-2013 (10th Year)


Batches 1974-1978 (40th Year)


Batches 2004-2008 (15th Year)


Batches 1974-1978 (45th Year)


Batches 1999-2003 (20th Year)

January, 2019

Batches 1969-1973 (50th Year)


Batches 1994-1998 (25th Year)


Batches 1968 and below


Batches 1989-1993 (30th Year)


Centennial Celebration


B. LCCian Pre-Centennial Sports League



  1. Any group of LCCian students or alumni to form a team for basketball, volleyball and bowling;
  2. There will be a registration for each team to help defray all expenses.
  3. All games will be spread from July to February or Championship game can be scheduled on March 6-8, 2019. Awarding will be during the Barrio Fiesta Lunch on March 12, 2019.
  4. There could be a day or two devoted to individual and dual sports that are appropriate to the Golden Alumni (senior citizens).
  5. Proposed timetable:

March 12, 2018


Launching of the Event




Registration by Teams




Formal Opening of the Sports League






March 12, 2019




Note: Details will be finalized and posted on March 12, 2018.



La Consolacion College Bacolod
Centennial Celebration - March 4-12, 2019

Being the oldest private catholic school, we shall hold religious activities to thank God for all His blessings. We will also implement other activities like Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation and Mass Weddings during the year-long celebration.

We shall be recognizing those who have contributed to the development of the institution, our Alumni who have become living witnesses of the institution’s mission and vision, and to LCCians who have been loyal to the Augustinian education by sending their children and grandchildren to La Consolacion College Bacolod.

Finally, we will schedule activities in areas or institutions who can be beneficiaries of our students’ and alumni’s generosity in sharing their blessings to the less fortunate.

Centennial Week Celebration: March 4-12, 2019

REGISTRATION of guests and alumni starts on October 15, 2018.


Package A: P100. Registered guests and alumni are given the following:

  • (a) Event Map for the Centennial Week;
  • (b) ID;
  • (c) Welcome Drinks (to be served from March 6-12);
  • (d) FREE Consultations – Legal, Medical, Psychological, Counseling, Spiritual; (e) School Tours; and attendance to various professional talks.


Package B. P400.00. Package A (P100) with one barrio fiesta lunch (P300.00 - Filipino food with drinks and dessert) on March 12 with reserved tables and chairs. Deadline for Registration – March 2, 2019.


Package C. P1,000.00. Package A + Package B + Centennial Bag, Souvenir Program, Documentary Book, Raffle ticket for centennial souvenirs, can avail of free transportation to join one optional city tour (those joining the tour must be a paid registrant by February 15, 2019 to finalize transportation arrangements but will not include entrance fees to the sites) and qualifies registrant to a one day FREE Tour c/o MERZCI*



To qualify: 

(a) Must be a paid registrant of Package C;
(b) Must present a single or accumulated receipts of Merzci products worth at least P1,000.00 (per tour)  from January-March 4, 2019 from any Merzci store

(Note:  There will be a Merzci booth at the quadrangle from March 1.All centennial registrants can avail of 10% discount on retail prices).


(a) Limited passengers only.  First come, first serve basis;
(b) Tour inclusive of water, simple lunch and entrance fees;


March 7 -  City Tour and North Negros Places of Interest
March 8 -  City Tour and South Negros Places of Interest

*Final itinerary will be posted by March 12, 2018.


OTHER OPTIONS to join activities with meals:

  • (a) Pay the sponsor of the Sisters’ meal to be counted in the caterer’s number of pax;
  • (b) Have your own caterer to include tables and chairs;
  • (c) We can facilitate the rental of your tables and chairs if your batch would like to bring food.




Summary of How You /Your Batch Can be Part of the Centennial Celebration

A. Your PRESENCE is of utmost importance!

  • 1. Please register. Registration can be as early as October 15, 2018 especially to batches with big numbers of alumni.


  • 2. If you want to join any of the activities with meals, here are the options:

    • 2.1 Pay the registration fee with meals;
    • 2.2 Have your own caterer with tables and chairs; or
    • 2.3 Bring your own food and call us for the rental of tables and chairs (first come, first serve basis)

  • 3. Join the Pre-Centennial Activities:

    • 3.1 Monthly Masses
    • 3.2 LCCian Pre-Centennial Sports League

  • 4. Registration Rates:

    • 4.1 PACKAGE A: P 100.00: Registered guests and alumni are given the following: (a) Event Map for the Centennial Week; (b) ID; (c) Welcome Drinks (to be served from March 6-12); (d) FREE Consultations – Legal, Medical, Psychological, Counseling, Spiritual; (e) School Tours; and attendance to various professional talks;
    • 4.2 PACKAGE B – P400.00: Package A (P100) with one barrio fiesta lunch (P300.00 - Filipino food with drinks and dessert) on March 12 with reserved tables and chairs; Deadline, March 2, 2019.
    • 4.3 PACKAGE C- P 1,000.00: Package A + Package B + Centennial Bag, Souvenir Program, Documentary Book, Raffle ticket for centennial souvenirs, can avail of free transportation for optional city tour (those joining the tour must be a paid registrant by February 15, 2019 to finalize transportation arrangements but will not include entrance fees ) and qualifies registrant to a one day FREE Tour c/o MERZCI* (see conditions on page 1)

  • 5. Join our Centennial Parade!

    1. The Parade will start from Lupit Church. Parade will be either in the morning or after the barrio fiesta lunch.
    2. Different batches may join the decade where they belong, using a t-shirt or any accent with the following colors (Tentative: for approval of the Board)

    1919-1929   White

    1970-1979   Orange

    1930-1939   Sky Blue

    1980-1989   Grey

    1940-1949   Dark Green

    1990-1999   Red

    1950-1959   Pink

    2000-2009   Gold

    1960-1969   Yellow

    2010-2019   Silver

    As a CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION, all alumni expect this event to be as grand as it can possibly be. Therefore, we will have FLOATS per decade or at least ONE FLOAT per two decades. Can your batch be the LEAD Group to contact other batches in your decade to contribute to your float?

B. Be a Centennial Donor - Proceeds will go to our Legacy Projects like the covered quadrangle, historical museum and eventually the renovation of the auditorium. How?
  • 1. Recognition Walls – From P2,000-6,000 for individual donors and P10,000-30,000 for batch donors;
  • 2. Have your name displayed in one of the posts of our covered quadrangle – P60,000.00;
  • 3. Be one of the limited six donors of our relief sculpture depicting the arrival of the 5 Sisters which will be displayed at the Galo Lobby – P50,000.00;
  • 4. Commemorate your batch / family in one of our 10 Timelines, which will show all the milestones of that particular decades. Only 10 timelines (depicting 10 decades) – P100,000.00 per timeline.
  • 5. Donate fireworks for our midnight welcoming of the centennial year.

C. Support our Outreach Activities:

  • 1. Free Confirmation &First Communion – P1,000 / child; Free Mass Wedding – P2,000 / couple;
  • 2. Co-Sponsor one mass from March 4-11 – P1,500.00;
  • 3. Experience once more, going on an outreach activity with your batch;
  • 4. For March 10, Medical Mission Day – FOR CHILDREN - (a) Volunteer to help; (b) Bring snacks or juice for 100 beneficiaries; (c) provide goodies – candies, school supplies, toothpaste, etc., good for 100; (d) help us source medicines and vitamins to be used during the medical mission; or
  • 5. Gift for our Centennial Baby (first born on March 12, 2019 from the ward section of our Regional Hospital).

D. Other ways to get involved!

  • 1. Be a resource person in the Professional Sharing by Alumni; Volunteer as one of the consultants;
  • 2. Help provide names of alumni who became religious;
  • 3. Help us get in touch with your former teachers – better yet, can you invite them to join you during your March 11 dinner?
  • 4. PROMOTE YOUR BATCH! GREET LCCB HAPPY 100 YEARS OLD!!!! We are targeting 100 banners to be posted all over Bacolod and Negros starting January of 2019. Please sponsor one banner for P1,500.00 and help promote our Centennial Celebration through your Batch Greetings.

E. Important dates for your presence:

  • 1. Year-Round Centennial Masses and Sponsoring Batches:

  • April, 2018 Batches 2014 onwards
    October 2018 Batch 1984- 88
    May Batches 2009-2013
    November Batches 1979- 1983
    June Batches 2004-2008
    December Batches 1974-1978
    July Batches 1999-2003
    Jan, 2019 Batches 1969-1973
    August Batches 1994-1998
    February Batches 1967 below
    September Batches 1989-1993
    March Centennial Celebration

    Co-sponsor monthly Centennial Masses every Second Saturday, 5:30-6:30 at the school chapel. After the mass, we shall have the blessing of one decade-milestones. We will have the first blessing by May, 2018 and end on February, 2019.

  • 2. March 4-9 Registration (or even as early as October 15, 2018)
  • 3. March 9 Mass with the Sisters (Bring or buy candles for the ceremony)
  • 4. March 11 Dinner (make your own arrangements) with your former teachers. Watch the musical play on the LCCB History and Join various activities until midnight.
  • 5. March 12 Well, YOU simply have to be here to witness this once in a lifetime centennial celebration of your Alma Mater! Be in t-shirt, bakya, slippers, etc.

  • Centennial Week Celebration: March 4-12, 2019
  • There will be three major celebrations
  • Centennial Activities
  • Pre Centennial Preparations: March 12, 2017 - February 2018
  • March 2018
  • Plans for 2019 - Centennial Year
  • Centennial Foundation Week 2019




March 4-11

Daily Masses and Outreach Activities
Daily masses at the Chapel at 8:00am
Outreach activities to different areas

To be sponsored by different alumni batches. Inviting different classes and alumni batches to sponsor a day for mass and outreach.

March 4-11

Registration of Alumni and Guests; Exhibits at the lobby / Campus and School Tours;

March 6-9

School Tours (HM Center, Amistad Campus)

School Tours leaving 8:00; 10:00; 1:00; 3:00.

March 6

Alta Costura - Quadrangle  


March 6-7

Showing of Digital Media Films


Culinary Talks and Cooking Demo

8::30-12:00; 1:00-5:00

Bartending Talks and Demonstrations

Venue: Auditorium

March 7-8

March 7 - City and North Negros Tour

8:00-5:00 (final itinerary to be posted March 12, 2018)/strong>

March 8 - City and South Negros Tour

8:00-5:00 (final itinerary to be posted March 12, 2018)

Musical Play – LCCB History

6:00-7:30 at the quadrangle

March 7-9

FREE Consultations – Legal, Medical,

March 7-8 - 9:00-12:00, 2:00-5:00pm.

Guidance/Counseling, Trauma, Spiritual

March 9 - 9:00-12:00;

Various Professional Talks by the Alumni

Confirmed Talks (as of February 6, 2018)

March 8 9:00-12:00, Auditorium

Battling Loneliness and Depression – Doc J.

March 8 2:00-5:00 Auditorium

Letting Go of Unwanted Emotions – Ms. Lanes, HS ‘72

March 9

9:00-12:00 The Healthy YOU!

Health-related talks and activities, Free FBS and other tests

3:00-4:00 MERZCI HOUR - various games to be conducted by Merzci


5:00 pm. Mass at the Quadrangle with candle lighting for the deceased Sisters, LCCB Personnel and Alumni

Anyone can attend the mass. All attendees are requested to bring candles for the ceremony of candle lighting. For convenience, candles will be available for sale.

6:30 pm Dinner

Sisters’ dinner to be sponsored by the LCCB Alumni Association.
Paid dinner for guests (See Options on Page 1)

March 10

5:00 am – Pilgrimage

7:00 – Mass at the quadrangle

8:00-9:00 Breakfast at the Auditorium

Two Groups: From LCC and from the Regional House. Sisters’ Breakfast sponsored by LCCG Alumni Association. Paid breakfast for guests.

9:00-12:00 Optional City Tour

May’s organic garden and Glass Museum

Open to Package C paid registrants by Feb. 15, 2019.
Free Transportation. Please pay only the entrance fees.

9:00-12:00 Medical Mission

Target beneficiaries: Children

Lead Organization: LCCB Non -Teaching Personnel


Any batch willing to donate breakfast or snacks of our children beneficiaries? Goodies for give-aways are also welcome. Or help us get donations for medicines and vitamins.

11:00-2:00pm. Lunch with recognition of the Religious Alumni.

Sponsor of Sisters’ Meal: HS Class 1969 Paid lunch for guests.

6:00-8:30 LCCB Student Leaders’ Night


March 11 Monday

8:00-9:00 Mass at the Chapel

9:00-12:00 Outreach Activities

Outreach activities of the students and alumni to different barangays and charitable institutions.

Encouraging our alumni / batches to join us in this outreach day. We can provide the urgent needs of our nearby barangays and charitable institutions

9:00-12:00 Optional Tour: Ruins and Campuestohan

Open to Package C paid registrants by Feb. 15, 2019. Free Transportation. Please pay only the entrance fees.

12:00-2:00 Reunion of IS and Family Councils’ Officers

12:00-2:00 Lunch of the Sisters with 100 selected Senior Citizens

Sponsor of Sisters’ Lunch - College Family Council Sponsor of Senior Citizen’s Lunch – IS Family Council

5:30-7:00 pm. Dinner at the quadrangle with retirees and former LCCB teachers.

Sponsor of Sisters’ Dinner: LCCB USA Alumni Association

7:00-8:30 Musical Play on the LCCB History

9:00-12:00mn Simultaneous Activities

12:00-12:30 Fireworks Display

9:00-12:00 mn: Ballroom Dancing at the Auditorium

Acoustic Music at the College Lobby

Live Band at the Covered Quadrangle

March 12

12:30-1:30 Search for Centennial Baby

From the ward section of the Regional Hospital. Will also appreciate baby gifts for our Centennial Baby

8:30-10:00 Foundation Mass

10:00-11:00 Centennial Program

11:00-2:00 Barrio Fiesta Lunch

2:00-4:00 Parade with Floats


6:00-12:00mn Departmental Fellowship Night

To be organized by the different Departmental Deans.

March 7-12   Celebrating the arrival and contribution of ASOLC in Negros
July   Celebrating academic and institutional Milestones
September   Celebrating the Alumni

Major Projects
Renovation of the auditorium
Historical Museum
Covered Quadrangle
School as a Museum
Coffee Book

Minor Projects
100 in 100 Series - 100 ways of celebrating 100 years
          For the maximum participation of all
          stakeholders in the celebration.
Centennial Prayer
Centennial Song
Centennial Billboard
Stage Play on the History of LCCB
Merchandizing Items

Launching of the following:

  • Centennial Website
  • Centennial Song Contest
  • Preparatory Centennial Prayer
  • Centennial Billboard
  • 100 Free Public Lecture Series (Outreach)
  • 100 Trees for LCCB’s 100 Years
  • Centennial Office/Store
  • Merchandizing Items
    • LCCB History Coloring Book
    • LCCB Centennial Discount Card
    • School as a Museum
    • Merchandizing Items
    • Mugs featuring LCCian Artists
    • His and Hers SCENTennial Colognes
    • T-shirts and others

  • Countdown for Centennial
  • Launching of the:
    • Coffee Book
    • Centennial Prayer
    • Centennial Video
  • Declaration of the LCCB Centennial Year

Date Activities

March 7-8 Institutional activities
March 9 (Sat) Arrival of the Sisters

Bday celebration for 80 years old and above


Candle lighting for the deceased ASOLC Sisters (assigned in LCCB) and LCCB Personnel

March 10 (Sun) Pilgrimage Walk

Mass at the Cathedral

  City Tour for the Sisters (Optional)

Lunch - with Recognition of Alumni who became Religious

  Dinner at Amistad - with Cultural Show
March 11 (Mon) City Tour for the Sisters (Optional)

Lunch with ASAS Negros - with the Lay Associates and Friends of Mo. Consuelo

  Dinner - with stage play on the LCCB History
March 12 (Tues) Foundation Day Mass

Opening of the Museum

  Program and Lunch
March 13 (Wed) Thanksgiving Mass

Personnel Service Awards

July 1-5 Academic and Institutional Activities/ Exhibits/ Playground Demonstration/ Seminar/ Conferences
September Aug. 28 - Gathering of ASAS Negros Alumni

Aug. 29 - Recognition of LCCB Families

  Aug. 30 - 100 Outstanding Alumni

Aug. 31 -

October Join the Masskara Festival with a Centennial Float
  100 wishes for LCCB in the next 100 years to come (to be placed in a time capsul and buried near the Kalachuchi Tree)
  Photobook on the Centennial Celebration

Date 2019 Time Activity

March 7-9   Institutional Activities

Giving of Registration Kits  (We have registration for Alumni who would like to join activities with meals or to join City Tours.  Registration form can be found in the website.

    School Tours

Professional Sharing by Selected Alumni

    Film Showing of Digital Media Arts Students
March 7 6:30 pm Free Show: Festivals of Negros
March 8 6:30 pm Free Show:  Alta Costura / Body Painting
March 9
5:00-6:00 Arrival of the Sisters in Bacolod City
(We are inviting all previously assigned Sisters in LCCB to join in the Celebration)
Welcome Program for the Sisters
Blessing of the Historical Museum


Mass with candle lighting for deceased LCCB Sisters and personnel

  7:30-9:00 Dinner (Registered Activity)
March 10
5:00-6:30 Pilgrimage Walk from the Regional House to Pope John Paul Tower (Everyone is invited to join the Pilgrimage)


Mass at the Cathedral

  8:00-9:00 Breakfast at the Auditorium (Registered Guests)


Optional City Tour (Registered Activity)

  12:00-2:30 Lunch with Recognition of the alumni who became religious Registered Activity)


Dinner at Amistad (Registered Activity)
Recognition of the BOT
Cultural Show

March 11
7:00-8:00 Mass at the Regional House


Breakfast at the Regional House

  9:00-12:00 Optional Tour


Fellowship lunch either in LCC Mambukal
A get together of the alumni, faculty and administrators of all La Consolacion Schools in Negros.

  5:30-7:00 Musical Play on the History of LCCB


Dinner with retired and former employees of La Consolacion College Bacolod Registered Activity)

March 12
8:30-10:00 Foundation Mass at the Quadrangle


Program and lunch with the Alumni and fellow Augustinian Brothers and Fathers.

    After lunch – departure of the Sisters

How can you help?

DONATE LCCB memorabilia to the Centennial Museum

VOLUNTEER to be part of our 100 in 100 Series

SPEAK AND SHARE during the Alumni Professional Sharing on March 7-9, 2017

DONATE and help build your school

OTHERS. In what way can you help us in our celebration?


Contact Us

Corner Galo-Gatuslao Streets
Bacolod City 6100
Negros Occidental, Philippines

Email: lccb100years@lcc.edu.ph
Phone: +63 (034) 434 9661 to 64
Fax: +63 (034) 434 9661