• There will be three major celebrations
  • Centennial Activities
  • Academic Year 2016-2017
  • Pre Centennial Preparations: March 12, 2017 - February 2018
  • March 2018
  • Plans for 2019 - Centennial Year
  • Centennial Foundation Week 2019

March 7-12   Celebrating the arrival and contribution of ASOLC in Negros
July   Celebrating academic and institutional Milestones
September   Celebrating the Alumni

Major Projects
Renovation of the auditorium
Historical Museum
Covered Quadrangle
School as a Museum
Coffee Book

Minor Projects
100 in 100 Series - 100 ways of celebrating 100 years
          For the maximum participation of all
          stakeholders in the celebration.
Centennial Prayer
Centennial Song
Centennial Billboard
Stage Play on the History of LCCB
Merchandizing Items

Start of implementation of 100 in 100 Series

Launching of the following:

  • Centennial Website
  • Centennial Song Contest
  • Preparatory Centennial Prayer
  • Centennial Billboard
  • 100 Free Public Lecture Series (Outreach)
  • 100 Trees for LCCB’s 100 Years
  • Centennial Office/Store
  • Merchandizing Items
    • LCCB History Coloring Book
    • LCCB Centennial Discount Card
    • School as a Museum
    • Merchandizing Items
    • Mugs featuring LCCian Artists
    • His and Hers SCENTennial Colognes
    • T-shirts and others

  • Countdown for Centennial
  • Launching of the:
    • Coffee Book
    • Centennial Prayer
    • Centennial Video
  • Declaration of the LCCB Centennial Year

Date Activities

March 7-8 Institutional activities
March 9 (Sat) Arrival of the Sisters

Bday celebration for 80 years old and above


Candle lighting for the deceased ASOLC Sisters (assigned in LCCB) and LCCB Personnel

March 10 (Sun) Pilgrimage Walk

Mass at the Cathedral

  City Tour for the Sisters (Optional)

Lunch - with Recognition of Alumni who became Religious

  Dinner at Amistad - with Cultural Show
March 11 (Mon) City Tour for the Sisters (Optional)

Lunch with ASAS Negros - with the Lay Associates and Friends of Mo. Consuelo

  Dinner - with stage play on the LCCB History
March 12 (Tues) Foundation Day Mass

Opening of the Museum

  Program and Lunch
March 13 (Wed) Thanksgiving Mass

Personnel Service Awards

July 1-5 Academic and Institutional Activities/ Exhibits/ Playground Demonstration/ Seminar/ Conferences
September Aug. 28 - Gathering of ASAS Negros Alumni

Aug. 29 - Recognition of LCCB Families

  Aug. 30 - 100 Outstanding Alumni

Aug. 31 -

October Join the Masskara Festival with a Centennial Float
  100 wishes for LCCB in the next 100 years to come (to be placed in a time capsul and buried near the Kalachuchi Tree)
  Photobook on the Centennial Celebration

Date 2019 Time Activity

March 7-9   Institutional Activities

Giving of Registration Kits  (We have registration for Alumni who would like to join activities with meals or to join City Tours.  Registration form can be found in the website.

    School Tours

Professional Sharing by Selected Alumni

    Film Showing of Digital Media Arts Students
March 7 6:30 pm Free Show: Festivals of Negros
March 8 6:30 pm Free Show:  Alta Costura / Body Painting
March 9
5:00-6:00 Arrival of the Sisters in Bacolod City
(We are inviting all previously assigned Sisters in LCCB to join in the Celebration)
Welcome Program for the Sisters
Blessing of the Historical Museum


Mass with candle lighting for deceased LCCB Sisters and personnel

  7:30-9:00 Dinner (Registered Activity)
March 10
5:00-6:30 Pilgrimage Walk from the Regional House to Pope John Paul Tower (Everyone is invited to join the Pilgrimage)


Mass at the Cathedral

  8:00-9:00 Breakfast at the Auditorium (Registered Guests)


Optional City Tour (Registered Activity)

  12:00-2:30 Lunch with Recognition of the alumni who became religious Registered Activity)


Dinner at Amistad (Registered Activity)
Recognition of the BOT
Cultural Show

March 11
7:00-8:00 Mass at the Regional House


Breakfast at the Regional House

  9:00-12:00 Optional Tour


Fellowship lunch either in LCC Mambukal
A get together of the alumni, faculty and administrators of all La Consolacion Schools in Negros.

  5:30-7:00 Musical Play on the History of LCCB


Dinner with retired and former employees of La Consolacion College Bacolod Registered Activity)

March 12
8:30-10:00 Foundation Mass at the Quadrangle


Program and lunch with the Alumni and fellow Augustinian Brothers and Fathers.

    After lunch – departure of the Sisters

How can you help?

DONATE LCCB memorabilia to the Centennial Museum

VOLUNTEER to be part of our 100 in 100 Series

SPEAK AND SHARE during the Alumni Professional Sharing on March 7-9, 2017

DONATE and help build your school

OTHERS. In what way can you help us in our celebration?