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How to Be Part of the Powerful Legacy!

Get involved in a lot of ways. Become proactive and enjoy your alma mater from a new perspective. Here are some ways that you can stay involved with LCCB’s Centennial Celebration.

  • Being an active alumni allow you to network with other graduates and establish new contacts in the work force, while at the same time helping to better the school’s reputation and community.
  • You can even help make your school a better institution for future students through donations and the funding of scholarships. How remarkable would it be to help raise the funds for the construction of a pristine on-campus building that will forever honor your legacy? That’s absolutely something you’ll want to impart to your family and friends. Check out our official website to learn how to get involved in our Centennial celebration.

Building Linkages

Being actively involved in our upcoming activities and programs is certainly a beneficial resource for any alumni. The facility to network with the rest of the alumni allows you to build a contact base for your current or future profession. Whether it is personally done at alumni functions and events, or joining online groups, networking with fellow alumni is a remarkable way to advance your alma mater’s standing, not to mention, also furthering your career path. Besides, who better to connect with than those whom you once shared a campus with?

Become a Volunteer

Volunteering at school events or for our Centennial Celebration is the most practical way of staying involved. You can visit our website to learn which projects and activities you can participate in. Get in touch to work out the finest way that you can volunteer your time.

Become a Sponsor

Promote your business while benefitting your alma mater and its student resources. This is equally an advantageous form of advertisement for both you and the school.

Visit LCCB

You may have gone to school because it was necessary, but now you can revisit LCCB, VIP style.

We will turn 100 in 2 years’ time, and there is no better time to be involved than now. Email us for more details.