Memorial Tribute

On March 18, 2012, La Consolacion College Bacolod gave tribute to a former faculty who launched LCC Bacolod in the field of theater and drama.

The event was highlighted by the dedication of the Little Theater in her honor…



Huling Tertulia

Luisa, truly an LCCian since she graduated from high school in the late 40s. She spent her early years as a teacher in LCC Bacolod where she started the Speech and Drama program. This launched the school as a pioneer and a leading force in elocution competitions as well as stage and drama production in Negros Occidental. She shared her passionate love for the theatre with her students, nurturing their talents and creating confidence and self- esteem to later serve them in good stead in their chosen careers. In the political turmoil of the 70's.

Mrs. Luisa Medel Reyes, then a widow with two young daughters fled the country and went to New York. She joined a group of Filipino political expatriates; prominent among them was Ninoy Aquino whose assassination would later spark the famous EDSA Revolution.

Even while in exile, she continued to pursue her love for the theater. Together with other Filipino expats. she joined La Mama, a small but closed-knit theatrical com pan)' in the bohemian part of Lower Manhattan. This is where she met Henry Howard who later became her husband.

They resided in the suburb of Woodstock, N.Y. During the Centennial Year Celebration, Mrs. Luisa M. Howard returned to the Philippines to receive an award as one of the most outstanding Negrenses in Arts and Theatre. Her visits became more frequent and she then volunteered to chair the Philippine Centennial Celebration in Bacolod City.

The goals, projects and activities of the Centennial celebration inspired her to form Circulo de Bacolod, an organization which today, is an active club in continuing her vision for arts, culture and history for Negrenses.