The Dean
The College is composed of four different schools: The School of Architecture, Fine Arts and Interior Design; the School of Business and Information Technology; the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management; and the School of Liberal Arts and Education. Each school is headed by a Dean. The Dean is the chief academic authority of a department.

The office in in-charge of developing the curriculum in compliance with the requirements and standards set by the Commission on Higher Education. The Dean oversees instruction, teacher-student performance and development and creates programs that enrich the students learning experience.

Program Head
The Program Head (PH) works closely with the Dean in the development and management of courses under the department. There is one program head for each course. the PH ensures the delivery of quality instruction by appointing competent teachers to handle the specific subject areas.

The PH is also in charge of planning, implementation and evaluation of activities that supports the curriculum.

The PH provides guidance for the students in their academic requirements.

Office for Instruction
In coordination with the Office of the vice President of Academic Affairs, the Office for Instruction (OFI) is an institutional office which provides necessary and need-based in-service training, technical support, and coaching to the faculty members of the college to guide them to classroom practices that maximize the possibility of enhancing student achievement.

Subject Area Chairperson
A Subject Area Chairperson is in-charge of subjects that fall under general education. Like the program head, they too, appoint competent teachers and ensure quality instruction by observation and monitoring of classes, and updating of the syllabi. They assist in finding instructional materials and resources to enhance the students' learning experience.

At present, the school maintains three Subject Area Chairpersons for the Humanities, Social Sciences and Communication Arts; Religious Values Education; and Physical Education, Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

Director of Student Affairs
The DSA is responsible for development of student activities that encourage student leadership. The Supreme Student Government, umbrella of all studnet6 organizations in the campus, reports to the DSA.

The total integral development of students as individual members of the society is the goal of the DSA. Student development is directed towards responsible and creative leadership, social commitment and moral integrity with spiritual depth.