The Board of Trustees
The Board is the ultimate decisive authority of La Consolacion College Bacolod, composed of religious sisters of the ASOLC and invited lay. The Board has authority over curricular development, use of property, development of facilities, and fiscal and human resources management. The 11-member Board of Trustees meets twice a year.

The School President
The Augustinian Sisters of Our Lady of Consolation appoints among them through the ASOLC's General Council the School President. The School President acts as the Chief Executive Officer of the institution. She receives mandate and reports to the Board of Trustees. The President provides leadership in the school, in finances and in all other areas of operation may it be academic or otherwise.

The President is directly responsible for long-range planning and evaluation of all school activities. She supports and supervises the work of three chief school officers: the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Vice President for Administration and Finance and the Vice President for Personnel and Academic Services; and other institutional offices whose functions will be presented below.

The Vice President for Administration and Finance
The VPFAS, also an Augustinian Sister of Our Lady of Consolation, provides leadership, guidance and assistance to ensure that financial and general management functions meet the standards or recommended best practices. She provides oversight of the fiscal operations and overall budgetary activities. She also supervises the management and security of school facilities. Under her disposal are different offices and service units such as the Finance Office, Canteen and Bookstore, Physical Plant and General Services Office, Print Center and the Security Office.

The Vice President for Academic Affairs
The VPAA is the chief academic officer of the college. The vice president reports to the president and works closely with the Administrative Team and the Academic Team composed of the Deans of the different departments from Integrated School to the Graduate School, in defining and shaping strategic academic priorities and directions for the University, providing advice on important academic policy and budgetary issues, and supporting key academic initiatives. The VPAA works to foster communication and collaboration on academic matters among the departments of the institution.

The Vice President for Personnel and Academic Services
The VPPAS at the La Consolacion College Bacolod takes charge of the human resource management of the school in general. The office centralizes recruitment and selection, personnel performance management, training and development, job organization and information and job evaluation.

The vice president likewise manages the academic support services of the school. Units that report to the VPAAS include the Health Services Center, Learning Resource Centers, HRM and Tourism Center, Speech and Science Laboratories, Multi-Media Center and the Guidance Services Centers.

Research and Accreditation Office
The Research and Accreditation Office (RAO) is the institutional office responsible for enhancing the research capability of the students and personnel of the school. It is also the central office that facilitates the preparation for accreditation and other forms of evaluating the school's academic and non-academic services.

External Affairs and Alumni Relations Office
The External Affairs and Alumni Relations Office (EAAR) is the public relations/affairs unit of the school. The primary goal of the EAAR is to enhance communication and relationship of the La Consolacion College Bacolod with other academic institution, the media, business and industry, all levels of government and the community in general. Its duties are vast and varied but can be categorized in the following broad set of areas: marketing and communications; linkages and partnerships. The EAO brings the school in the affairs of the local, national and global communities. Likewise, the office serves as liaison between the alumni and the rest of the academic community. It promotes the maximum contribution, support and commitment of the alumni to all endeavors of the school.

Center for Augustinian Formation
The Center for Augustinian Formation (CAF) facilitates liturgical, pastoral and spiritual ministries among the students and personnel of the school. Its aim is to promote the Augustinian spirituality that makes the mark of an LCCian. The center weaves the academic and non-academic to ensure the essential character and spiritual formation of the students and the personnel alike.

Management Information Center
The Management Information Center (MIC) is the institutional office in charge of all computer laboratories and the Internet Center. It also manages the school website and ensures that offices and the learning resource center are connected to the internet.

Mother Rita Barcelo Community Center
The Mother Rita Barcelo Community Center (MRBCC) is the apostolic arm of the LCC Bacolod. It facilitates the outreach programs of the school and ensures that all members of the academic community are actively involved in reaching out with the marginalized sectors of the community. Its vision is to improve the quality of life of the people especially the poorest members of the society through responsible educational, spiritual, social and community building programs perpetuated by the members of the LCCB community.