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Graduate School


Eligibility of Admission

The following are the requirements for admission:

  • A Bachelor's Degree or its equivalent
  • An average of 85 or 2.5 of the grades earned in the undergraduate studies
  • an interview with the Dean


  1. For registration policies, the students must present the following:
    • Copies of their transcript of records (1 original for the Registrar and 1 photocopy for the Dean of Graduate School)
    • Certificate of transfer credentials (1 original for the Registrar and 1 photocopy for the Dean of Graduate School)
    • Letter of Recommendation from a former professor or employer
    • 2 pcs 2 x 2 colored ID pictures
  2. A copy of the marriage contract, in case of recently married females who had been previously registered under their maiden family name.
  3. No student is admitted to graduate course for credit, if the Dean of the Graduate School and the College Registrar has not certified his/her registration in the course.
  4. The Dean or his/her representative should approve all applications for admission.
  5. Students continuing their studies shall report to the graduate School Office where they will be guided as to the enrolment procedure.

Enrolment Procedure

  • Application
    • Interview with the Graduate School Dean
    • Submission of requirement
    • Endorsement of the Graduate School Dean for enrollment
  • Registration
    • Secure loading form from the Graduate School Office
    • Fill out loading form with subjects to be taken (refer to the list of course offering posted at the Graduate School office or bulletin board)
    • Submit the endorsement letter or note of the Graduate School Dean, OTR and Certificate of Transfer Credentials and have your subjects encoded in the Student's Registration System by the Graduate School Records Staff at the Registrar's Office.
    • If new student, proceed to the Guidance Services Center for the profiling.
    • Show receipt to the Registrar's Graduate School Records Staff for validation of registration and subjects



Freshmen Student

  • Form 138 (High School Card original & 1 photocopy)
  • Good Moral Certificate or Letter of Recommendation (original copy)
  • 1x1 ID picture (5 pcs.)
  • Birth Certificate ( 1 photocopy)
  • Long size brown envelop
  • NCAE results (06-07 graduates and up; 1 photocopy)
  • Entrance Test and Interview


  • Pay 150 pesos for Testing fee at Finance Office
  • Entrance Exam and Result at College Guidance Services Center (for 1st year, Transferee)
  • Submission of Application Requirements and Screening of Documents at College Guidance Services Center
  • Interview and Orientation at College Guidance Services Center
  1. Profiling and Encoding of basic information at College Guidance Services Center
  2. Down payment of Php 2,000 at Finance Office
  3. Encoding of Subjects at Registrar's Office
  4. ID Processing at MCBAC Bookstore
  5. Releasing of Study Load at Registrar's Office

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Integrated School




Night High School



The applicant must be a dependent (son/daughter) of parents or guardians with a gross income:

  1. of not more than P5,000.00 a month.
  2. He/She must have a minimum average grade of 85.00 upon application. Otherwise, if he/she is an honor student in elementary, he/she must seek certification from the school he/she came from.
  3. He/She must pass the interview and exams given by the Guidance Office.
  4. He/She must have a minimum cumulative average of 82.00 (card average, interview, exams).


  1. Present Form 138 and ITR to the MRBCC NHS
  2. Coordinator’s desk.
  3. Preliminary Interview
  4. Testing and Examination
  5. Final Interview


  1. An original copy of the income tax return of parents or guardian
  2. Report Card
  3. Baptismal Certificate
  4. Birth Certificate
  5. Recommendation from the Parish Priest (where they belong)
  6. Certification off good moral character from the school last attended