Textbook Writing Committee
The Textbook Writing Committee is an institutional committee composed of faculty experts assigned to set the policies for the production of teacher-made instructional materials. Also one of the critical tasks of the TWC is the evaluation of the teacher-made work texts and ensures that they are relevant to the curriculum of the school.

Admission Committee
The Admission Committee creates the admission policies and procedures of the school. It is composed of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Head for External Affairs, the Deans of all the colleges of the institution, the Coordinator of the College Guidance Services Center, and the School Registrar.

At present, the school maintains the 'open admission, selective retention policy'. The Admission Test is created to determine academic probation. The Guidance Counselors also make use of the National Career Aptitude Examination (NCAE) and interviews applicants for career placement. The admission policies and procedures are continually being evaluated by the committee for expediency.

Graduation Core Group
The Graduation core Group (GCG) holds the major responsibility of planning, implementing and evaluating the graduation ceremony. it is a composition of institutional offices which handle specific tasks before, during and after the annual commencement exercises.

The GCG is composed of the School President as the Honorary Chair; Vice President for Academic Affairs as the Over-all Chairperson; Registrar as the Vice Chairperson; and the Director for Student Affairs, Head for External Affairs, Head for extension Service and Alumni Relations and the academic heads, and the advisers of the senior class as part of the committee.