The College Services Center Office was established to assist the students attain congruence with himself and his environment in the light of his Christian commitment while in school.

The College Guidance envisions the formation of all students to become mature, responsible and self-directed individuals so that they function effectively as Christian citizens.

The College Guidance commits to build an effective system of communication among different student personnel offices to ensure coordination that will maximize the operation of the different areas of student services.

A. Counseling Program
This is the heart of the guidance program. The objectives of this program are:

  • Assist students gain insights from their problem and help them develop a healthy Christian outlook in his relationship with people.

  • Help students understand and accept themselves together with the reality of their environment, learn how to handle their emotions, take responsibility of the behavior, thus facilitating growth in self-awareness and value actualization.

B. Peer Monitoring Program
The Peer Monitoring program aims to provide sincere and skilled educational assistance to students with academic difficulties thru defined monitoring relationships.

C. Testing
This help students discover their abilities, interest and personality through a battery of test given to students. Test results are important to the students for their self-understanding as well as to the faculty and administrators for evaluating and improving the educational outcome.

D. Orientation and Interview
This service is initiated to help to the new students familiarize with their new environment as well as acquaint them the school's rules, regulations and programs.

E. Individual Inventory
Students are made to fill-up their cumulative folder that shows pertinent information about them which will help counselors in their counseling so that students will be able to make wise choices, plans and decisions.

F. In-Service Training
This provides a training program for students and personnel in the areas of communication skills, self-awareness human relation and leadership training.

G. Information Service Program
This program aims to provide students and the community information about school curriculum offerings, job and scholarship opportunities and graduate courses.

H. Placement
This program aims to assist students in term of their choice of curricular and provide graduates vital information regarding job opportunities.

Admission Program
The school observes the "open admission and selective retention" policy thereby giving those interested to enroll in LCCB the chance to prove their worth and maximize their potential.