The Mother Rita Barcelo Community Center was created and launched 12, 1982 in honor of its foundress Mother Rita Barcelo. The center serves as the apostolic and implementing arm of the outreach activities of LCC-Bacolod.

Vision/Mission Statement
Inspired by the Mother Rita Barcelo our foundress, MRBCC envisions itself as an extension center aimed at improving the quality of lives of the people especially the poorest members of society, through its social, spiritual, educational and community building programs and services.

MRBCC Programs
1. Social Services
A program for personal and structural change through the collaborative and participative efforts of both the school and larger community, thus bringing about better quality of life for the PDOE.

Program components:

A. Scholarships - It provides free secondary education of families in the adopted barangays of LCC-Bacolod as well as the neighboring depressed barangays, thus preparing them to become responsible Christian and valuable members of society.

B. Health and Nutrition - It is concerned with the promotion of health as means to better quality of life.

C. Relief and Welfare - It aims to provide depressed barangays in Bacolod through Relief assistance to victims of natural and man-made calamities like fire, flash floods and destruction brought about by storm.

D. Rehabilitation - It concerns with the restructuring/upgrading of deplorable living conditions of depressed barangays thru self-help efforts and increased knowledge about the importance of simple and inexpensive yet sanitary facilities.

2. Education and Value Formation

A. Value Formation Project - it aims towards the development of the wholistic individual with a clear direction and purpose and mission in life through experiential activities that will prepare him to face the challenges of the present situation with the right values that will contribute to the progress of society.

B. Occupation Skills / NFE - is directed towards improving the standard of living by enhancing technical skills through dressmaking, cosmetology, cooking, bookkeeping, typing, food serving and handling, crocheting, carpentry and knitting which will make productive and self-reliant individuals and families.

C. Responsible Parenthood - Concentrates in the development of a family as a basic institution which promotes pro-life through participatory leadership with shared vision of creating functional parents who are pro-people and Christ-centered.

D. Day Care - It aims to develop children of pre-school age the process of learning and prepare them the mechanics of primary education to enable them to cope with the rudimentary of formal education. This also aims to provide children with activities and care to prepare them physically, emotionally and mentally for formal education.

3. Community Building
A program that focuses on the upliftment of people's living condition so that they become Christ-centered/productive individual and active partners in transforming society.

Program Components:

A. Area Based Catechism - aims in strengthening the formation process of organizing Basic Christian Communities enabling community of disciples to effectively promote spiritual and social consciousness.

B. Literary-Numeracy - Focuses on the introductory phase of learning process thereby enhancing basic knowledge, skills and attitudes for greater degree of participation in household and community development.

C. Livelihood Project - is an avenue for initiating alternative income, and generating savings for household subsistence, hence a decent and dignified living condition for families and the community as a whole.

D. Cooperative Building and Management - a strategy that provides opportunity to assimilate democratic process of organizational management adopting the participatory approach method.