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  • Enhanced K+12 Basic Education Program in the Philippines
    Tuesday, Apr. 24, 2012 4:12pm

    K12 basic educationPresident Aquino is joined by Education Secretary Armin Luistro, Sen. Edgardo Angara and Rep. Sonny Angara in welcoming pupils at the launch of K+12. Photo via MALACANANG

    The Aquino administration has officially started the new system of education codenamed K+12 System.

    The new program adds two years of senior high school and makes Kindergarten mandatory for children 5 years of age. The system will basically include the Universal kindergarten, 6 years of elementary, 4 years of junior high school with an additional 2 years for senior high school.

    President Benigno Aquino III said during the launching that the new program will remove the Philippines from the group of only three countries in the world still implementing a 10-year basic education curriculum.

    Grade 11 or the first year of senior high school will be introduced by 2016, while Grade 12 will commence in 2017.

    "The program aims to give our students 21st century skills," Education Secretary Armin Luistro said.

    The program aims to uplift the quality of Philippine education to be able for the graduates to be employed easily and to meet the standards being required for professionals who would want to work abroad.

    The system intends to enhance and develop the students in order for them to be well-prepared especially in emotional and intellectual aspects. With this, the graduates will be able to handle the pressures of their future workplace.

    Every change in any system will most likely create protests and complaints from the different sectors and individuals but as long as we the Filipinos will only open our minds to that change and taking it on a positive way, we will surely reach our most-dreamed standards in education that play a great role in our country’s development and improvement.

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