Finance Office
The Finance Office is the central office for all monetary transactions in the school It services both the students and the personnel in general. It is where students billing assessments are released and payments are remitted. The Finance office also manages all budget requisitions and serves as the central supply unit of the school.

Physical Plant and General Services Office
the Physical Plant and General Services (PPGS) division of the school is responsible for the maintenance and safekeeping of all the school's facilities as well as the physical development of the school.

Security Office
The Security Office is responsible for the security and safety of the property and people in the entire LCCB community. The school maintains in-campus and off-campus security personnel. The in-campus security guards are available 24/7 while the off-campus part-time security is only available during class days. Apart from the security guards stationed at the gates of the school, there are assigned roving security guards in the campus all through the day.

All books and other school and office supplies are available at the Bookstore. The school maintains its own bookstore where students and parents can buy official school uniform and shirts at a reasonable price.

Print Center
The school maintains its own Print Center which provides for many kids of printing needs of its students and personnel. The service of the center includes photocopying, mimeographing and many other types of printing related services. The center also prints the identification cards of the students and personnel.

Food Center
The Food Center contains varied kinds of nutritious food for the students and personnel. The school maintains its own canteen as well as some concessionaires to provide more choices. The menu being offered is continually evaluated to ensure the health of the clientele.