Kapirasong Lupa - SLA & SAC Benefit Stage Play Production

Sunday, Nov. 24, 2013 11:20pm

kapirasong lupa


This year, our stage play production will be for the benefit of the victims of Typhoon Yolanda. All the proceeds of the minimal fee (P5 - P20) we shall be asking from our patrons will be forwarded to our MRBCC and IAL. We hope you can join us in this little effort of helping our devastated brothers and sisters at Tacloban and here in Negros. Come, watch and enjoy our show! with Benjo Cardones Barilla

Posted by Mr. Randdie P. Cuelo at Facebook

randdieMr. Cuelo works at La Consolacion College-Bacolod and Studied Instructional Design and Technology at Northern Kentucky University. He is from Bacolod City. Follow him in Facebook.