The total integral development of students as individual members of the society is the goal of this Office. Student development is directed toward responsible and creative leadership, social commitment and moral integrity with spiritual depth. Students are themselves agents of their own development, hence, the role of the Student Affairs coordinator is simply to be a creative catalyst.

Vision/Mission Statements

The Office of the Student Affairs envisions itself to be the center of student formation and development of responsible and creative leadership.

In solidarity with the different stakeholders of the institution, the office commits itself to provide wholistic opportunities for the development of students to become proactive leaders.

Student Organization

Besides the classroom activities, students should be given opportunities to hone their talents and skills so as to develop their potentialities, such as, creativity, initiative, responsibility and leadership, through the formation of student groups which are attuned to the thrust, vision-mission of LCC-B and CHED.

General Policies

All campus organizations/clubs are governed by rules and regulations of LCC-B and the CHED. All organizations and clubs will be under the umbrella of the Student Affairs Office. The following are the provisions for the operation of student organizations/clubs in the campus.

  1. Authority to Regulate and Supervise
    • The VPAA shall have the authority to regulate the establishment and operation of student organizations/clubs through the Director of Student Affairs Office (DSA).
    • The VPAA shall have the authority to regulate and supervise the operation of activities of all duly recognized and accredited student organizations/clubs, however, such authority may be delegated to the Coordinator of the Student Affairs.
  2. Application for Accreditation
    • Any group of twenty (20) bonafide college students of the school may apply with the Coordinator of Student Affairs to organize and operate a student organization/club. Students may apply for the organization of either a Departmental or Interest Club.
    • Department Clubs must be related to and is supportive of curricular offerings and the vision/Mission of the school and department.
    • Interest cubs are those which aim to foster fellowship among students of the same interest or inclination regardless of their courses and year level and must be supportive to the Vision/Mission of the school.
  3. Qualifications of club Officers
    • Must have a minimum load of eighteen (18) units.
    • Must not have any disciplinary record in the school and community.
    • Must have no grade below eighty (80%) on the semester or preceding semester.
  4. Requirements for Accreditation
    • Application letter addressed to the Student Affairs Office
    • A copy of constitution and By-Laws of organization/club.
    • List of Officers and members which carries their signatures (minimum number required is twenty (20).
    • Adviser/Moderator (Full-time teacher).
    • List of Proposed Activities for the A.Y. the club wishes to be recognized and must be signed by Club President and Club Adviser.
    • Officers and Members must be bonafide students of the school.
  5. Procedure for New Application
    • The organization/club through their President applies for accreditation by submitting the required documents noted by their Organization/Club Adviser or Moderator.
    • The accrediting body reviews the document and makes the necessary recommendations.
    • The organizations/clubs will be notified by the DSA about the status of their application one (1) month after the receipt of their application.
    • Accreditation for organization/club takes effect one (1) month after the receipt of notification from the COSA.
  6. Procedure for Re-accreditation
    • application letter addressed to the Coordinator of Student Affairs for re-accreditation.
    • The accrediting body reviews the status of the organization/club.
    • A written notice will be issued by the coordinator of Student Affairs.
  7. Requirements for all accredited organizations/clubs
    • Organizations/clubs must submit an evaluation of their activities one week after its implementation.
    • Organizations/clubs must submit semestral and year-end report/evaluation, financial report and other documents which will be required of them by the DSA before the end of the semester.
  8. Revocation of accreditation
    • Accreditation of student organization/club can be revoked on the following circumstances:
      • Violation of its constitution and by-laws.
      • Non compliance with college policies.
      • Non submission of mid and year end reports and evaluation of organization club activities.
      • Non submission of audited financial report.
    • A compliant can be filed by an administrator, faculty member, or student against the organization/club who has violated school policies, rules and regulations stated herein.
    • The accrediting body will review all cases filed against an organization/club and make recommendations for the approval of the VPAA after due process.
  9. Composition of Accrediting Committee
    • Director of Student Affairs
    • Vice President for Academic Affairs