Coordinator of Student Formation
The Coordinator of Student Formation oversees the development of self-discipline and character formation of the students. Thus, it provides transformational activities that will help students develop the ideal behavior and conduct.

More importantly, the office maintains and monitors the implementation of the rules and guidelines consistent with the norms and vision-missions of the institution, bearing in mind the positive approach that by nature man is good.

Coordinator of Guidance
The Coordinator of Guidance is in-charge of the over-all implementation of the guidance services programs of the school which includes facilitating admission testing, counseling and job placement.

Coordinator of Sports and Cultural Affairs
The COSCA is responsible for providing the students with the opportunity to participate in various competitive and recreational sports and cultural activities in a fun and friendly environment. There are sports and cultural programs where students are honed to participate in inter-school competitions. The school provides discounts and scholarships to certain students that show excellence in sports and cultural activities.

Performing Arts Coordinator
The Performing Arts Coordinator is responsible for creating programs and activities that hone the students' skills and talents in the fields of dance, music and even drama. The school maintains a chorale and dance arts groups where students are trained to perform whole-year round. A major cultural event is also staged at least once a year.