Vision-Mission Statement, Graduate Attributes & Core Values



The burning heart is symbolic of the burning love for God manifested in the search for Truth and Love and Love for neighbor shown in Service to the poor and needy... The Staff, Mitre and Book speak well of St. Augustine's life searching.


The Seal is a constant reminder of our Commitment to follow Christ closely in our love for God and our neighbors through authentic living of UNITY, CHARITY and TRUTH.


Vision Statement

Inspired by the compasionate Christ, we envision a Catholic-Augustinian Education in LCC Bacolod: a Christ-centered, academically innovative and universally- competent community commited to evangelizing and living out the Gospel values toward holistic transformation.


Mission Statement

Moved by the Spirit of Our Lady of Consolation, and inspired by the life and teachings of St. Augustine and virtues of Mo. Rita, Venerable Mo. Consuelo and Mo. Theresa Andrada, we commit ourselves to:

  • nurture the spirituality of the Community through various programs, projects and activities toward strengthened Basic Ecclesial Communities;
  • provide relevant and advanced curricular programs to empower graduates have fulfilling careers and meaningful lives; and
  • instill a culture of 'Persons With Others' which values nationalism, cares for the creation, and respects cultural diversity for the realization of universal Peace and Justice.


Graduate Attributes

  • Christ-centered
  • Restless searchers for Truth
  • Intellectually and universally competent
  • Nationalistic
  • Responsible, community & service-oriented
  • Active ecological stewards
  • Culturally sensitive


Core Values

  • Christ-centeredness/Compassion
  • Community of Frieds
  • Stewarship
  • Excellence
  • Diversity