La Consolacion College Bacolod

Distance Learning @ LCCB

While in-campus learning is still discouraged amid this COVID-19 pandemic, we have developed solutions to ensure that our students are not deprived of formal schooling or delayed in the course of their study through our Flexible Learning Options.

We learned from our survey that our students have varying access to technologies like computers and internet at home, but all of them have communication technologies like cell phones or smartphones that we can take advantage of to facilitate constant communication between them and their teachers.

We will be employing the LMS (online) instructional modality to ensure that our students are able to continue their study even at home at this time when they are restricted to go to school.

Distance Learning through LMS

LCC Bacolod will use Google Classroom as our digital learning management system for our course modules delivered through synchronous and asynchronous learning.

Synchronous learning means that teachers and students will be undertaking the learning activities and processes online, and together at the same time, through web conferencing platforms like Google Meet or by working on  tasks through Google’s web-based Google Docs applications.

Asynchronous learning means that there will be structured activities that students have to do at their own pace and time, not simultaneously with the rest of the class.

Students who will be using tablets and smartphones will download the Google Classroom application, while those who have computers will log on to to be in the virtual classroom for each course they are taking.

LMS instructional modules are developed and designed by our faculty with great consideration of the resources available at home to maximize experiential learning opportunities for students.

Course content is curated weekly using inquiry-based learning models, to provide for the structure of learning experience with easy-to-follow learning guides for both students and parents or guardians who may have to assist them.

Course works are scheduled and organized in Google Calendar to help students manage their time well.  Alerts and reminders will be prompted when deadlines and due dates are close and web conferencing classes will be easy for students to locate with one press of a button within their class calendar.

Web conferencing sessions will be recorded and copy of which will be given to students, who for some valid reason, may not be able to attend each class.

Structured learning activities and assessments are criterion-based and students will be guided with rubrics for each task with clear description of the criteria through which their competence will be evaluated by the teacher.

Assessments will be competency-based, meaning that it will be made clear to the students what knowledge, skills and attitude they will have to attain and develop through relevant and  meaningful activities and how they will be assessed using tests and tasks that will allow them the opportunity to demonstrate competence authentically and with integrity.

Learning resources will utilize the current library collections of LCC Bacolod and the plethora of digital content available in the world wide web. All these materials will be available in a shared folder in Google Drive.

Both students and parents will be given proper orientation about the roles they play in this process.  Parents or guardians will be our partners in providing the necessary help and support to our students and will be our third-party evaluators for our authentic assessments.

Safety of our students will be our main concern in this process, a Coordinator of Student Formation and Guidance Counselor will be assigned for each program to ensure ethical practice and the psychological well-being of our students.

Although this is Distance Education, our learning experiences provide for interpersonal growth through collaborative tasks within student groups and by providing a mechanism for constructive feedbacking among our students.

As a Catholic-Augustinian-Marian institution, our activities will provide students the opportunity to develop intrapersonal skills through short reflection essays as they learn from each weekly module.