La Consolacion College Bacolod

Vision, Mission & Graduate Attributes

Vision & Mission Statements

We are a Christ-centered, Augustinian, and Marian educational community dedicated to creating a more sustainable world.

LCCB is committed to providing the community with:

Institutional Graduate Attributes

IGA 1 – Christ-centered
An LCCian recognizes that Christ is present in each person. As such, he/she:

IGA 2 – Restless Searcher for Truth
An LCCian understands that he/she is an embodied spirit with an inner longing which can only be satisfied by God who is the Truth. As such, he/she:

IGA 3 – Globally Competent
An LCCian possesses knowledge, skills, and values which meet the demands of the profession locally, nationally, and globally. As such, he/she:

IGA 4 – Nation-Builder
An LCCian is fully aware of his /her rights, duties, and responsibilities as a citizen of a sovereign nation. As such, he/she:

IGA 5 – Service-Oriented
An LCCian understands that human strength and talents are gifts from God that need to be placed in the service of others for the flourishing of humanity. As such, he/she:

IGA 6 – Responsible Steward
An LCCian recognizes that the earth and its goods are gifts from God which have been entrusted to human persons. As such, he/she:

IGA 7 – Culturally-Sensitive
An LCCian understands that the human person who is part of the global community also possesses a particularity. As such, he/she: