La Consolacion College Bacolod

Philosophy of Education

In light of the profound changes brought about by the global COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing VUCAD (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous, and Digital) context of our times, La Consolacion College Bacolod renews its commitment to its enduring educational mission. We acknowledge the unprecedented challenges of the 21st century, and we respond with unwavering hope, resilience, and adaptability. Our institution, which has faced adversity throughout the 20th century with the support of dedicated sisters and our community, now steps boldly into this new era, guided by faith and compassion in a providential and merciful God who smiles upon those who serve with humility and love.

Recognizing the profound transformation brought about by technological advancements and the seismic shifts in society and culture, we have revised our educational philosophy. Technology has not only reshaped the way we live but has also altered the very essence of education, challenging our traditional modes of teaching and learning.

The COVID-19 pandemic has expedited the transformation of education, necessitating a shift from traditional classroom-based instruction to adaptable learning approaches. Students, educators, and parents have all faced the imperative of adjusting to this new educational landscape. This change has not only brought about a revolution in the delivery of education but has also fundamentally reshaped how students learn, fostering the development of distinctive learning methods and a more profound comprehension of the dynamics of teaching and learning.

In response to these profound changes, we have crafted a new philosophy of education, one that places a premium on collaborative and independent learning. Our goal is to nurture individuals whose values are deeply rooted in their love for God and their fellow human beings. This philosophy has been widely disseminated through social media channels and during student and parent orientation, embracing the digital tools that have become integral to our lives.

This new educational paradigm signifies a profound transformation in the dissemination of knowledge and in how students and parents perceive the educational journey. The incorporation of flipped classroom methodologies has injected a deeper significance into the educational experience, fostering greater appreciation among students and parents for the flexibility and adaptability of our learning approaches.

La Consolacion College Bacolod has, as a result, embraced a new educational culture, one that embraces change and innovation. These transformations have paved the way for our institution to offer flexible learning options that are well-suited to the post-COVID-19 world. As we continue to navigate the VUCAD landscape of the 21st century, we remain committed to empowering our students with the skills, values, and knowledge they need to thrive and contribute positively to the world around them.

Updated, Academic Year 2023 – 2024