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Health Services

Amid this pandemic, it is imperative that students need greater attention not only for their psychological well being but as well as their physical wellness. With the pandemic continuing to challenge the capacity of hospitals, telephone medical consultations are a helpful means to help students who are not feeling well even from their homes. The school clinic provides medical consultation services online for students.


To improve, maintain the health and wellness of the LCC-B Community in support of the school’s Institutional Mission. We are committed to the belief optimal health is essential for each individual in order to attain his/her potential.

La Consolacion College has set for its objectives the education of the whole person.  The health, both mental and physical, is an important factor in the development of a child.
Good health is the key to physical, intellectual, emotional and social development of a person.  Thus, this health services program is based on the following basic principles:
  1. It is built on the philosophy that health is a way of living; mentally, emotionally, socially and physically. It grows out of the entire child’s experience in school, home and community.
  2. It is an integral part of the curriculum.
  3. Health Information, habits, and attitudes have to be taught in a purposeful and functional program. An example is the concept of “cleanliness” which has to be taught in the home and in school.
  4. The objective is not only good health but the best health possible for each individual.
  5. Health instruction must be closely related to and utilize for healthful living and the health services.
  6. The environment for health education is broader than the curriculum of the school. It extends to the buildings, equipment, administration and the entire life of the child since they make possible situations for desirable practice.
  7. Evaluation of the health program and pupil’s progress is in terms of improved physical, mental, moral and social behavior and opportunities provided for healthful practice.
  8. The entire school personnel have a definite responsibility for and must cooperate in taking advantage of the many possibilities favorably affecting the health of the students.
  9. A school cannot build an effective health program in isolation.  The cooperation of all community agencies dealing with health is needed to produce healthy Christian citizen of every community.

School Physicians

  • Dr. Ligaya R. Villafuerte
  • Dr. Gloria V. Tinio

School Nurses

  • Josephine G. Lumagbas, RN
  • Gilchrist Sevillo, RN
  • Karen Mae P. Calbonera, RN


In the advent of COVID-19 Pandemic, a lot of concerns and changes occur not only with the individual’s life but also with those running businesses, and schools.  Apprehensions, doubts and even despair are occurring.  A lot of worries and questions were asked when will this Pandemic ends.  But sadly, no one knows the exact answer as to when or how?

Thus, the unit has design its additional services in order to cater the needs of the clientele despite this new normal way of life.  

  • Health Alert.  Relevant health topics will be posted on the official web site of the school.  Another possibility of doing an interview to a resource person on a particular health topic and be uploaded on line.
  • Consultation. 
    • The unit will have its “Doctor on Line” wherein parents and guardians can do consultation, ask their concern through phone and will be personally answered by the doctor on duty.
    • For clients that needs face to face consultation, and those cases that will be needing prescriptions, they are advised to come to the clinic per doctor’s duty, by appointment.  Limit only patients up until 7 per doctor’s shift.
    • Concerned parents or guardians can also post their health concern through the official web site of the school.
  • Group Consultation.  A letter of request will be made by the teacher in charge / adviser.  It will be presented to the doctor on duty for schedule.  Once approved, a controlled number of students will come to the clinic for the said examination as scheduled.
  • Referrals. 
    • Subject teachers can freely refer to the clinic any students from there on line classes that they think needs medical attention or those whom they think have problem concerning their health.
    • List of doctors with their field of specialization and contact numbers will be provided for those on line callers in need. 
    • Annual Medical/Dental Examination – this is conducted by Part-time School Physician and Part-time School Dentist to appraise the health needs of the students (IS and College  Department), Faculty and Personnel (thru coordination with the HRD).  This is done for prevention of illness and diseases, for diagnoses, early detection of abnormalities and determination of dental status and oral hygiene.         
    • Consultation- refers to the daily assessment done by the clinic staff to clients with regards to their health complaints.
    • Treatment/Medication- Upon assessment of the client’s status through the signs and symptoms manifested by their BP and temperature, treatment is being performed.  Medicine is prescribed by the Physician while over the counter drugs are given to them depending on their condition.  Dental extraction is  performed by the dentist depending on the client’s dental status.  Referrals are also given.
    • Referrals – This is done for further management and follow up in cases abnormalities are found.
    • Transporting of Patients to the Hospital- This is done in cases of serious injury, fractures and poisoning, for further treatment and management to prevent complications and side effects to the clients.
    • Health Teaching – This is conducted by the Clinic Staff to provide information concerning health topics (first aid, nutrition, family planning, hygiene and sanitation, common community diseases, nutritional needs and proper hand washing)  and health growth of the students.
    • Blood-Letting Activity – The HSC Unit conducts Blood-Letting Activity once in every semester. First semester blood-letting activity is anchored to the Blood Bank of  Corazon Locsin Montelibano Memorial Regional Hospital (CLMMRH). While in the second semester, it is anchored to the Negros First Provincial Blood Center.
    • Medical Mission – A Medical Mission is conducted by the Health Services Center in cooperation with  alumni doctors whose main purpose is to serve and help those in need of medical attention especially those who belong to the LCC Community. On the other hand, HSC Staff are also invited to help out facilitate Medical Mission Activity of the Family Council both in the Integrated School and College Department.
    • Outreach/Extension Services – Free Clinic and Medical/Dental Mission are conducted by the school based organizations in coordination with the HSC to different adopted barangays for health assessment, treatment and medication as well.  Health Information Sessions are also being done.
    • Physical and Health Wellness – Conducted for the purpose of helping reduce the risk for several diseases and health conditions that will improve the quality of life of a person through walk and physical activity.  This is reinforced by a health talk of an invited speaker to provide further information on prevalent diseases that exist in the community.
    • Lactation Room.  Lactation Room for nursing mothers was put up as per recommendation by the Department of Labor and Employment for those who are breastfeeding their child.

Health Services for Students, Faculty and other School Personnel


  1. Annual Medical/Dental Services
  2. Medical and Dental Consultations, diagnosis, treatment and medication for those who come to the Health Services Center.
  3. Referrals to the Specialists or family physician if the illness is diagnosed and needs further treatment.
  4. Medical Check-up is done before athletic activities, PE Classes, Practicum, On the Job Training, Thesis Defense, and Boy’s and Girl’s Scouts.


  1. Consultations, laboratory work-ups and referrals for those who visit the clinic.
  2. Periodic Medical Check-up and Chest X-ray examination as coordinated and scheduled by the HRD Office.


  1. Periodic Medical Check-up and laboratory work-ups and x-ray examination as coordinated and scheduled by the HRD Office.
  2. Blood, stool, sputum, laboratory and x-ray examination for those working at the school canteen.

Prevention and Control of Communicable Diseases

  1. Identification of one who has a communicable disease.
  2. Notification of parents of the patient/client who has a communicable disease.
  3. Exclusion of the patient/client from school by sending him/her home.
  4. Re-admission of positive cases to school only after the communicability has subsided.
  5. Allowing drug companies to conduct sampling and information drive to students, faculty and personnel during epidemics.
  6. Conduct information dissemination about prevention and control of communicable disease.

Emergency Services

  1. First Aid medicines are available in case of emergency.
  2. First Aid treatment is rendered to patients/clients with fractures, allergy, deep wounds, prolong bleeding, asthma and others.
  3. Patient/Client is transported to the nearest hospital for further management.

LCC Bacolod has a new provider for the student accident health insurance.  Cocogen Insurance provides better support and coverage for students with a very minimal increase compared to the previous provider.


An accident protection that provides SECURITY AND PEACE OF MIND not only to the Parents but also to the School

  • Provides financial protection for death or accidental injuries of the student 
  • 24 hours a day for 1 year
  • Anywhere in the Philippines


  • Accidental Death & Disablement  (including motorcycling)
  • Unprovoked Murder & Assault
  • Medical Reimbursement due to Accident and Dengue
  • Burial Benefit due to Accident
  • Burial Benefit due to Natural Causes
  • Daily Hospital Allowance due to Accident (maximum 31 days)
  • Daily Hospital Allowance due to Natural Cause (maximum 15 days)
  • Ambulance Assistance (due to accident)
  • Fire Cash Assistance (loss of student’s belongings)
  • Comprehensive General Liability (premises & operations only)


  • Accidental Death pays the insured’s beneficiary the principal amount covered for death occurring within the year of coverage
  • Permanent Total Disablement pays the insured the principal amount covered:
    • For the loss of two or more limbs or both eyes
    • For permanent total disablement from gainful employment of any kind, other than dismemberment, provided such disability has continued for a period of 52 weeks and is total, continuous or permanent at the end of the period
    • Permanent Partial Disablement pays the insured a percentage of the principal amount for permanent loss of use of body parts
    • Motorcycling coverage is covered provided LTO rules are followed i.e. driving with license, use of helmet, not in the influence of liquor or drugs
    • Accidental Medical Expenses reimburses the actual cost, up to the amount selected for medical or surgical treatment, including trained nurses and hospitalization, incurred within 52 weeks from the date of accident and resulting from injuries sustained
    • Burial benefit provides cash assistance equivalent to the amount selected in case of death
    • Cash allowance per day of confinement pays the selected amount, up to maximum days, to defray for incidental expenses while the injured person is hospitalized due to accident or natural cause
    • Fire assistance provides cash assistance to the student in case of loss of belonging due to fire.
    • Comprehensive General Liability. The school shall be covered for any bodily injury/property damage to third party up to maximum limit. Deductible for Third Party Damage is 5% each and every loss; minimum amount of P5000


Free coverage to ALL regular teaching and non-teaching personnel


  • Guarantee letter is readily available  at school
  • Reimbursement  within 3 – 5 working days
  • Notification of accident to COCO Gen can be done through text message or phone


  • Accidental Death & Disablement  (including motorcycling) PhP 150,000
  • Unprovoked Murder & Assault – PhP 150,000
  • Medical Reimbursement due to Accident – PhP 30,000 (15K for Dengue)
  • Burial Benefit due to Accident – PhP 15,000
  • Burial Benefit due to Natural Causes – PhP 11,250
  • Daily Hospital Allowance due to Accident (maximum 31 days) – PhP 450/day
  • Daily Hospital Allowance due to Natural Cause (maximum 15 days) – PhP 450/day
  • Ambulance Assistance (due to accident) – PhP 1,700
  • Fire Cash Assistance (loss of student’s belongings) – PhP 7,500
  • Comprehensive General Liability (premises & operations only) – PhP 225,000

Office Hours and Details

  • Office Hours
    • Mondays to Fridays: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (We observe Noon Break)
  • Location
    •  G/F, Mother Rita Barcelo Building, La Consolacion College Bacolod, Galo-Gatuslao Streets, Bacolod City 6100

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