La Consolacion College Bacolod

Faculty Resources

  • PadletPadlet is a collaborative learning app where teachers can create discussion forums, idea boards, timelines, maps, and portfolios. The digital board updates in real time as students contribute thoughts, ideas, and questions.
  • MentimeterMentimeter eases the flow of remote and hybrid learning through interactive presentations, polls, formative assessments, and word clouds.
  • Flip (formerly FlipGrid) – Create video prompts and discussion forums where students can pose, respond to, and comment on other students’ video responses.
  • Quizizz – Discover and design gamified formative assessments and interactive lessons to engage students in any content area and grade level.
  • Kahoot – Kahoot grants teachers access to a content library of thousands of formative assessments on topics ranging from STEM and robotics, SEL, space, civics, and Disney (for when the students are clamoring for a brain break).