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Graduate School

Vision & Mission

The Graduate School envisions being a center for training and development, a provider of professionally competent leaders imbued with a keen sense of Filipino values and social responsibilities.

The Graduate School commits itself to offer Catholic education programs and services that are:

  • responsive to local and international standards of quality and excellence in graduate education;
  • relevant to the needs of clients and communities, and to the dynamically changing domestic and international environment particularly in the Province of Negros Occidental;
  • in Partnership with higher education institutions, user sectors, and other public and private agencies, both local and foreign,
  • capable of generating higher education  knowledge skills, values and attitudes that can be responsively applied to the larger community, for the enhancement of the quality of life of individual and society; and
  • Accessible to deserving learners.


The goal of the Graduate School is to contribute to the process of knowledge acquisition, generation, sharing, and exchange that is distinct from the baccalaureate level.

The general outcomes of graduate programs are mastery of a specialized field of study, the development of original and critical thinking, and the demonstration of problem-solving skills that prepare the degree holder for advanced instruction and leadership position in the area of research, creative work, as well as the practice of his or her profession.

  • Provide education that is Catholic, Augustinian-Marian in character and responsive to international standards of quality and excellence;
  • Promote the development of critical thinking, problem solving among students in the analysis of issues and concerns;
  • Train students to become agents of change through knowledge development and technology transfer, leadership positions in area of research, creative work as well as the practice of his or her profession.
  • To cater to the development of poor communities through the creation of short term programs, projects and activities.
  • Create a nationalist perspective on issues and concerns and to respond to local and global challenges.


To better contribute to the attainment of sustainable development:

  1. Achieve a clear progression beyond basic education and baccalaureate/undergraduate education by streaming:
    1. Cutting-edge, integrative and interrogative teaching and learning contents and methods; and
    2. Higher competencies in knowledge production (research)    knowledge sharing and exchange (teaching), and knowledge application and utilization.
  2. Produce advanced competencies that can spur and sustain;
    1. Leadership and innovation;
    2. Scientific and technological growth;
    3. Creative and effective learning  and teaching;
    4. Agro-industrial productivity;
    5. Entrepreneurship;
    6. Good governance;
    7. Inclusive economic development and environmental relations;
    8. National sovereignty and independent international relations;
    9. Articulation of Filipino culture and arts;
    10. Cultural and religious diversity; and
    11. Nationalism

Program Offerings

Designed to develop globally competent business leaders whose expertise will enable them to lead their organization and community to the path of sustainability.

Designed for those who seek to specialize in the administration and operations of any business organization in the tourism industry and hospitality sectors, and those who handle technical training and higher education in the fields of hospitality and tourism.

Designed for real-world application, the program prepares students for management level positions in various types of business organizations.

Designed to equip students with expertise on managing human resources in any type of organization.

Designed to equip architects with deeper understanding and research skills to aid planning of built environments, and the qualification to manage architectural firms or teach in higher education in the field of architecture.

Equips students with theoretical and practical foundations on the practice of guidance and counseling, and qualifies them to become professionals in the field.

Designed to equip teachers with specialization and expertise on planning and designing pedagogical strategies and content of a learning area, and effective instructional skills. 

Master of Arts in Education Major in:

  • English/ Literature
  • Filipino
  • General Science
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Education & Sports
  • Religious Studies
  • Instructional Technology

Designed to prepare teachers for leadership and managerial roles in schools and training institutions.


Ramon P. Ponce de Leon, PhD
Graduate School

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