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Office of Student Affairs and Services


The Office of Student Affairs and Services endeavours to provide research-based health, psychological, emotional, and social support to all students that will aid in optimizing their academic performance, integral formation, and holistic development.


In line with this goal, the LCCB Office of Student Affairs and Services aims:

  • to facilitate character and Christian value formation of students through formative discipline, coaching and mentoring;
  • to provide all students a nurturing environment through guidance, counselling, coaching and mentoring support for them to recognize their talents and gifts and develop their full potential.  
  • to facilitate the effective and efficient delivery of student services by creating a culture of open communication, feedback, and collaboration among the different OSAS cluster offices and related offices.  
  • to provide relevant student services through regular evaluation and recalibration of processes; and
  • to craft relevant 21st century student services through ongoing research and study.

Coaching & Mentoring Program

On the course of their study, students are given the follow-up support through coaching and mentoring done by designated officers and professionals to provide support not only for students who are struggling academically or those who may be having personal or social issues that hinder their ability to excel or reach the learning goals they have set for themselves, but also for those students who are already performing well so that they could be even do better. 

The changing landscape of education and the evolving needs of the students prompted La Consolacion College Bacolod to revisit and revise its Philosophy of Education to make it more relevant to the present need for more flexibility in modalities, constrained by the limitations imposed by the COVID19 pandemic.

Distance learning, which remains to be the only option of schools in the Philippines in this time of the COVID19 pandemic, necessitates flexible learning options for students.  This creates a whole new set of challenges, among them, to ensure students are motivated to learn  and to assist them develop behaviors that will allow them to manage their own learning while outside the rigid programming of an in-campus education.

The success of distance learning lies in the student’s ability to learn independently with limited interaction from their teachers, thus, the challenge for schools is on how to assist students develop this behavior.

The Student Coaching and Mentoring Process was designed as a mechanism through which LCC Bacolod can better support students through guidance from student support services comprising of professional guidance counselors and experienced mentor-coaches who will actively monitor students’ performance in their virtual classes and engage students in conversations to help them develop their own goals, learning management objectives, evaluate their own performance and guide them to developing independent learning strategies that work for them.

Traditional roles of campus discipline officers were redefined to fit the need for more student guidance, introducing a new orientation towards more formative approaches done in ways that are not intimidating but rather nurturing for students.

The process supports the intention of the school to provide integral development for students through deliberate and well thought-out procedures developed through participatory planning among the  relevant stakeholders.


Joselito M. Diaz, MBA
Office of Student Affairs and Services

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