La Consolacion College Bacolod

Integrated School


Grade School

The Grade school Department is committed to producing graduates who embody the Catholic, Augustinian and Marian attributes and possess the 21st century skills through the curricular and co-curricular offerings.

High School

The High School Department aims to provide an academic environment that develops and nurtures skillful, value–oriented, and responsible adolescents who are academically prepared to meet the needs and demands of the 21st century education.


Grade School

  1. instill love and respect for God through active participation in all spiritual and formational activities;
  2. provide holistic education through offering flexible curriculum and prepare learners to adapt to the changing learning modalities;
  3. provide for learners opportunities to engage in activities that develop their civic consciousness and leadership skills; 
  4. inculcate among pupils a sense of collaboration by doing simple research;
  5. develop a deeper understanding and respect for Filipino and other cultures; and
  6. foster responsible stewardship by developing concern for the integrity of creation.

High School

  In particular, it will provide curricular and co-curricular programs that will enable learners to: 
  1. embody Christ as the center of their life manifested in their words and actions;
  2. work collaboratively with the different stakeholders of the school for continuous self-improvement and of the community; 
  3. develop their skills, creativity, and intellectual capacities to maximize their full potentials in preparation for the next academic level; 
  4. nurture their innate desire for truth through authentic learning activities of experimentation and investigation;
  5. live out the Catholic, Augustinian, and Marian charisms through active involvement in various community outreach programs; 
  6. demonstrate accountability by protecting and caring for God’s creation; and 
  7. recognize and respect individuality and cultural diversity.

Program Offerings

Sr. Irene

Sister Irene M. Bancolo, OSA, PhD
Integrated School


Genevieve R. Geriane, LPT, MEM, MAEd
Academic Coordinator
Integrated School

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