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School of Architecture, Fine Arts & Interior Design


The department envisions herself to produce 21st century graduates who are Christ-centered, global leaders in the field of Architecture, Fine Arts, and Interior Design while upholding the Filipino culture and identity.


In line with her goal, the LCCB School of Architecture, Fine Arts, and Interior Design aims:

  1. to deliver quality education by designing and implementing a curriculum which addresses the 21st century challenges and global issues in the field;
  2. to build a vibrant academic community through the creation of instructional programs that foster competence among her faculty and students through actual relevant and authentic learning experiences; 
  3. to design enhancement programs that promote student and faculty development and lifelong learning;
  4. to develop a system that constantly monitors and upgrades the teaching and learning processes and resources;
  5. to create a culture of research and come up with research studies relevant to the profession and will contribute to the knowledge base; and
  6. to design programs which integrate the preservation, conservation, and promotion of Filipino culture and identity; and 
  7. to promote love of God and neighbor and a deep sense of the other by organizing and sustaining meaningful outreach programs. 

Program Offerings

Here’s a program for those who want to become professional architects.

The program is designed to provide students with theoretical foundations and practical experiences on the principles of utility, strength and aesthetics in planning and designing physical structures such as buildings and houses.

LCC Bacolod is home of several top-notchers in the professional licensure examinations for architects.

The Advertising program is designed to equip students with knowledge and skills in advertising and particularly hones their craft in graphic design using traditional and digital visual media.

As a graduate of this program, you may be able to land a job as:

  • Professional Printmaker, Professional Sculptor, Professional Painter, Furniture Designer, Creative Director, Interior Designer, Graphic Artist, Photographer, Display Artist, Art Director

LCC Bacolod’s Digital Media Arts program is designed to equip students with knowledge and skills in 2D and 3D animation used in a wide variety of applications like in film, television, video games, virtual reality and many more.


If the industry of the future is characterized by technology, a strong foundation in digital media arts will lead you to a wide variety of careers in design.

Here’s a program for those who want to harness their skills in product or packaging design and would like to pursue any of the following careers: Product Designer, Industrial Designer, Multimedia Designer, Graphic Designer, Packaging Designer, Industrial Arts Teacher

 With access to a broad variety of design software and hardware, the possibilities for students to create and innovate products are great. Industrial designers have become more valuable especially with a market that’s craving for something new.

If you are keen to hone your craft using different mediums, this degree program would be the best fit for you. The Studio Arts program will enable you to create masterpieces for collectors, galleries and museums.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts program of LCC Bacolod is home to distinguished Filipino artists in the Philippines and abroad.

Finally a major in fashion design! The Bachelor of Fine Arts program now has a specialization for those who want to become a fashion designer.

The program provides students with knowledge of history, cultural milieus, and principles of fashion design, and practical experiences to hone their design and production skills.

It provides students the opportunity to showcase their designs through a collection of original work and portfolio they have to build throughout the course of study. It culminates in a thesis or a grand fashion show.

The program is taught by practicing fashion designers.

Here’s a program for those who want to attain an educational qualification necessary to become a professional interior designer.

The state of our local real estate sector is booming with the establishment of condominiums and opening of residential subdivisions in Bacolod and in major cities in Negros Occidental. This means that the future for interior designers locally will be great as people are recognizing the value of customizing their interior spaces.

Delivered by highly experienced faculty-mentors, this program gives theoretical input and hands-on experience on: Lighting design, Residential interiors, Non-residential interiors, Computer-aided design, Basic drawing, Landscape design.

You can work as a: Lighting specialist, Kitchen and bath designer, Commercial interior designer, Home decorator.


Ar. Vincent Raymund Y. Alovera, PhD-TM
School of Architecture, Fine Arts & Interior Design

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