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School of Business & Information Technology


The School of Business and Information Technology aspires to develop students who will become 21st Century technology innovators, business leaders, and knowledge resource managers. The school shall provide updated relevant programs delivered by competent educators emulating the Catholic-Augustan-Marian Mission.


In line with the above goal, the School of Business and Information Technology (SBIT) aims:

  1. to offer innovative curriculums that are responsive to the changing needs of the business industry;
  2. to foster excellence through promotion of quality management of instruction through a process of collaboration among all stakeholders;
  3. to develop the faculty‘s knowledge, skills and professional competence through regular in-service training and industry exposure;
  4. to enhance the capability of faculty members to conduct publishable researches that meet the demands of local and international business environment;
  5. to provide holistic student formation reflecting LCCB’s philosophy of education towards developing well-integrated, technologically competent graduates with leadership skills; 
  6. to offer current, diverse, expansive, and accessible educational resources in line with the student’s specialization; and 
  7. to conduct effective extension programs and activities to help improve people’s quality of life and uphold cultural heritage aligned with the Catholic-Augustinian-Marian mission.

Program Offerings

Business organizations and institutions in the Philippines have become more particular about employing people with the right educational qualifications.

If you are thinking about pursuing a career in human resource management, it’s best for you to earn the right career foundations by pursuing a bachelor’s degree in this field.

LCC Bacolod’s Human Resource Management courses are taught by qualified faculty with robust industry experience.

Our ever-changing business environment influenced by a multitude of factors among them the negative impacts of COVID 19 pandemic and the boundless opportunities offered by technology, calls for businesses to develop strategies that will keep them buoyant amid this crisis.

This situation makes imperative the role of competent marketing managers in the business.

If you think you are a creative thinker and you feel drawn towards working in a competitive business environment, our Marketing Management program may be the right fit for you.

This program focuses on the study of computer utilization and computer software to plan, install, customize, operate, manage, administer and maintain information technology infrastructure.

Here’s a degree program for those who want to develop coding skills for development of online games and other applications.

With the Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Digital Media Arts program, BS EMC students may collaborate on a game development project.

Even in this pandemic, libraries are providing services for our continuing pursuit for knowledge through online library management systems. These are managed by librarians who have the qualifications to manage digital library services.

You can be a qualified librarian too. LCC Bacolod is the only higher education institution in the city that offers a degree program for adult students as well as those who are coming from high school who want to become a professional librarian.

By law, all libraries should be managed by a librarian that holds the professional qualification. The employment demand for librarians have expanded beyond just the physical libraries but even online. In fact, 100% of our graduates are now gainfully employed.

If you are keen to pursue this career path. We are inviting you to take this course.

Be a professionally qualified librarian!


Dr. Baniline Jone A. Portal
School of Business & Information Technology

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