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Senior High School


We welcome you to our Senior High School where we offer you affordable, accessible, and quality private education.

Choose from among our tracks and strands delivered by highly qualified faculty in various fields of specialization.

Our tracks are programmed with specialized courses tailored with pre-requisites or foundation knowledge and skills to better prepare our students for a more complex college study load and readiness for basic level employment in various service industries.


The Senior High school Department aims:

  1. to establish an academic community that understands, embodies, and empowers all of its members in living out the Christian-Augustinian Marian by becoming living witness to the Gospel values through the provision of opportunities for integral formation towards inner freedom (well-formed conscience) and transformation. 
  2. to prepare students to be globally competent by equipping them with the necessary knowledge and to foster a culture of lifelong learning among the faculty through ongoing training and professional development; and skills and immersing them in the real life  situation of the workplace  through actual experiential learning;
  3. to nurture students’ self-esteem, love for others, and sense of nationhood through relevant instruction and integral student formation; and 
  4. cultivate globally competent individuals who continually search for truth by providing teaching and learning experiences that foster critical thinking, logical reasoning, effective communication and research skills; and 
  5. to foster a culture of lifelong learning through regular ongoing faculty training and professional development.

Program Offerings

The ABM program will equip you with skills in accounting and understanding of concepts in economics and important principles of business and management through well-balanced theoretical and experiential learning methodologies which involves actual industry exposure. 

Go for ABM if you want to pursue careers in the field of: Accountancy, Accounting Technology, Business Management, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Agribusiness, Finance, Human Resource Management, Logistics and Marketing.

The STEM program will provide you with strong foundations in science, technology and research that will give you an edge in engineering, architecture, information technology, science or in any specializations related to healthcare and medicine.

STEM will lead you to any of the baccalaureate degree in: Architecture, Biology, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Environmental Science, Industrial Engineering, Information Systems, Information Technology, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Nursing, Physics, Psychology.

The HUMSS program will expose you to the use of empirical methods to consider society and human behavior, including (but not limited to) anthropology, archaeology, criminology, economics, education, linguistics, political science, and international relations, sociology, geography, law, and psychology.

It will effectively qualify you to a degree in: English, Interdisciplinary Studies, International Studies, Language and Literature, Law, Library Science, Mass Communication & Media, Philosophy and Theology, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Teacher Education.

The Arts & Design Track will prepare you for the jobs in design and creative industries. Being the pioneer and the only school in the field of fine arts in the province, LCCB’s Arts and Design track is built from a rich history and culture of excellence guaranteed to nurture your passion. The programs will be delivered by a faculty who are themselves seasoned and multi-awarded designers and artists in various fields and specializations. The Arts & Design curriculum is developed to provide students with solid foundations on the principles of design and art history through interdisciplinary and highly immersive learning methodologies. 

LCCB offers the following strands under Arts & Design: 1. Visual Arts and 2. Architectural Drafting.

Designed to address the growing need for qualified, multidisciplinary individuals in the creative industries, the Arts & Design program develops the students’ talents in various creative fields such as: Architecture, Advertising, Animation, Dance, Drama, Drafting, Decoration, Fashion Design, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Film, Multimedia, Music, Painting, Production Design, Photography, Sculpture and Stage Design.

The Technical Vocational and Livelihood Track will lead you into qualifying for National Certification while having advanced skills needed in a specialized college career. LCCB’s TVL strands are aligned with its existing baccalaureate offerings and will take advantage of educational methodologies and training facilities similar to the ones used in the college level. The faculty are professionally qualified and have vast experience in the industry and the academe. Students take advantage of LCCB’s broad network and linkage that will allow them to have a hands-on experience in the actual industry environment.


LCCB’s TVL Track offers the following strands: 1. Home Economics2. Tourism and 3. Information and Communications Technology (ICT)


Buwan ng Wika Celebration
August 2022

Sr. Irene

Sister Irene M. Bancolo, OSA, PhD
Senior High School


Rejay Y. Alvarado, LPT, MPM
Academic Coordinator
Senior High School

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