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School of Hospitality & Tourism Management


The School of Hospitality and Tourism Management of La Consolacion College Bacolod aims to produce Christ-centered graduates who are globally competent and promote authentic Filipino culture for a sustainable Philippine hospitality and tourism industry.


In line with its goal, the LCCB School of Hospitality and Tourism Management aims:

  1. to provide and deliver a balanced industry-driven curriculum and quality instruction with extensive domestic and international training programs;
  2. to provide holistic student formation through various activities that aim to develop the students’ physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual well-being and result in competent graduates who are responsive to the needs of the community;
  3. to create borderless and globally-informed educational experience that will result in globally competent graduates through the provision of local and international training opportunities;
  4. to provide industry standard facilities, skills, and learning resources to prepare students to meet the needs of the industry;
  5. to create an environment of lifelong learning through the conduct and publication of researches in hospitality and tourism and related disciplines which are available for faculty, student, and community utilization; 
  6. to engage faculty members with recent industry trends and updates through training, benchmarking, and immersion; and 
  7. to develop the faculty and students’ compassion for the last, the least, and the lost of society by maintaining a sustainable extension program with its adopted community. 

Program Offerings

Here’s a degree program for those who want to work in world class hotels, resorts, restaurants, cruise and airline industries. The comprehensive education and training in operations and management of various areas of the hospitality industry.

Graduates of BS in Hospitality Management may pursue a career path in hotel, resort, events management companies, and travel and tour companies or agencies. They may apply as a front office desk clerk, travel agency staff, kitchen staff, housekeeping staff, cruise ship staff, waiter, or an accommodation assistant.

After this pandemic, the hospitality industry will be vibrant once more with people eager to go places. The time to prepare for this bright future is now.

 This degree program is for those who aspire to work in international hotels, resorts, restaurants, cruise ships, and airline industries. The comprehensive and borderless education, training, and activities in various hospitality areas equip students to be globally competitive. Graduates of BS in Hospitality Management may pursue a wide career path, from lodging, food, and beverage, kitchen, resorts, events management, and even extends up to those of travel and tourism. Learn through immersive and industry-oriented cultivation that teaches students more than just skills and knowledge but with a warm and amiable hospitality attitude. Also, you can fulfill careers such as; Hotel and Restaurants Manager, Bartender, Barista, Food, and Beverage assistant, Head Chef, Pastry Chef, Event Organizer, Front office, Cruise Ships, Floral designer, butler, and many more. Countless opportunities are waiting for you! Join us and see yourself grow and develop into a future professional.


Here’s a specialization within the 4-year degree BSHM program that focuses on cooking techniques and kitchen management skills that will lead students to develop competencies to become a chef.

Management classes include entrepreneurial subjects designed to equip students with business knowledge to prepare them for the possibility of putting up their own business.

This heavily hands-on program are taught by experienced chefs and highly qualified management teachers in the field of hospitality.

 A passion for food is paramount to the culinary arts. Being able to create delicious dishes every day, and experiment with flavor combinations, is what many young chefs dream of achieving. If you have always dreamt of becoming a chef then this course is the ideal way to start your career on the right track. When you enter the culinary world, you set out to partake in a lifelong journey of discovery and exploration. The culinary art course enables you to invent new recipes and ideas to mold your future. You will learn how to be creative in your menus and broaden your knowledge of various cuisines and different types of food & drinks. When you pursue a career in the culinary arts, you will never struggle to find employment. The culinary arts and food service management industry include various jobs, from Executive Chef, Pastry Chef, Research Chef, Food Journalist, Food Consultant, Assistant Kitchen Manager, Private Chef, Caterer, Nutritionist, and many more.

If you are a person who loves to travel and interact with people on matters of culture, geography and history, a career in tourism industry should fit you well.

It may not sound so promising for now, but after this pandemic, the tourism industry will be among the firsts to pick up as soon as the world reopens as many have been stuck for a while and are very eager to travel. The best time to prepare for this future is now.

Tourism Management does not only focus on the love for traveling, although it is indeed one of the many factors in taking up Tourism. If you are someone who has the curiosity to learn about culture, geography, and the history of various countries, has the desire to interact with people of different walks of life, and thrive and grow in an industry where you can create, manage, and do more, then this course is definitely for you. This course molds you to become career-oriented, flexible, and passionate to achieve a successful future in various fields of work; a few of which would be in line with Travel Agencies, Travel Management, Sales and Marketing, Events Manager, Hotel Receptionist, Hotel Night Audit, Front Office Associate, Tourism Officer, Recreation, Lodging, Leisure Management, In-Flight Services Crew, Ground Crew, Tour Guiding, and many more. As one of the biggest industries, join us, and you are surely able to grow and experience the most fulfilling journeys ahead.


Dr. Baniline Jone A. Portal
School of Hospitality & Tourism Management

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