Collaborative Efforts of Parents and School Leaders in Addressing Inflation Costs and Ensuring Academic Excellence for K-12 Students

Parents of K-12 students had an important decision to make last Saturday, April 1, as they gathered for two separate meetings to discuss the proposed tuition and other fee adjustments for the upcoming Academic year 2023-2024. With the rising inflation costs in the country, this was a crucial decision that needed careful consideration from everyone involved.

The meetings were organized and led by the respective parent-teacher councils of the Integrated School and Senior High School, and the turnout was overwhelming. Parents from both schools were in attendance, ready to voice their opinions and concerns.

Sr. Natalia C. Agustin, OSA, the Principal of the school, was present at the meetings and shared her thoughts on the matter. “We understand the impact of these proposed adjustments on our parents, but it’s necessary to ensure the continued delivery of quality education to our students. We appreciate the support and understanding of our parents during this time,” Sr. Natalia C. Agustin, OSA said.

The meetings were not only about discussing the proposed adjustments but also an opportunity for parents to provide recommendations for improvement. This open forum allowed parents to share their insights and suggestions, ensuring that the school is continuously improving and meeting the needs of its students.

Overall, the parents were very supportive of the proposed adjustments, especially since it meant increasing teacher salaries for the next academic year. This recognition of the importance of the school’s educators is a testament to the parent’s commitment to providing their children with quality education.

The success of these meetings is a clear indication of the strong partnership between the parents and the school, working together to ensure that every student receives the best education possible.