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DEJ VOL. 1, NO. 1 (2012)


The Development Education Journal (DEJ) of Multidisciplinary Research is a peer-reviewed journal which aims to publish for widespread dissemination new discoveries in the various disciplines of knowledge. DEJ provides a venue for scholars to publish their research findings for advocacy and utilization.

The journal publishes articles that present research findings on various fields which can contribute to human well being and development.

ISSN 2243-9609 (Print)

Table of Contents

The Organizational Health of a Catholic College
Randdie P. Cuelo

Mentoring the mentors program: transforming teachers, school leaders and school’s achievement
Elvira R. Arellano | Purita P. Bilbao | Rejie F. Palmos | Hidlago C. Montano | Diolizata R. Lazarito
Discipline: Management

Personnel Performance Evaluation of as Catholic College in Central Philippines
Rodjhun B. Navarro

Assessment of Taro Flour Yielded from Two Processing Methods on Baked Products
Sonia A. Arenillo | Rachel B. Montero | Ronnie F. Magsino
Discipline: Business

Preliminary results of the cave bat assessment conducted at Central Negros, Philippines
Reynaldo Tababa | Mary Ann Dagunan | Bayani Dejano | Shem De La Cruz | Brian Gutierrez | Michael Lawton Alcala | Leonardo Averia

Observations on the Visayan Warty Pigs (Sus Cebifrons: Heude, 1888) and Hybrids of the Silliman University Wild Pig Breeding Facility, Dumaguete, Philippines
Ely L. Alcala | Michael Lawton Alcala | Jocelyn Elise Basa | Alberto Inocencio | Victor Futalan

Preliminary study on Panay Bukidnons’ (of Central Philippines) astronomical views
Joji D. Linaugo | Aris C. Larroder | Clyde C. Larroder
Discipline: Research

Free Night High School in a Private Catholic College: A Vehicle for Social Transformation
Carmen C. Menes | Joji D. Linaugo | Alma P. Dales

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