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La Consolacion College Bacolod and University of Kassel Collaborate on Solid Waste Management Research Project

La Consolacion College Bacolod (LCC Bacolod) and the University of Kassel (UniKassel), Germany, have officially sealed a collaboration through a memorandum of agreement (MOA) signed today at the LCC Bacolod Main Campus. This strategic partnership aims to drive research efforts focused on Solid Waste Management within Bacolod City, Philippines, with a particular emphasis on the active involvement of women and local communities.

The MOA signing ceremony saw the participation of key figures from both institutions and various supporting organizations. Sr. Joan Brigida Corazon S. Infante, OSA, President of LCC Bacolod, and Dr. Prof. Ralf Wagner, Chair of Sustainable Marketing at UniKassel, inked the agreement.

The University of Kassel is looking to collaborate with La Consolacion College Bacolod to acquire specialized services for gathering qualitative information from women and residents of six designated barangays within Bacolod City. These areas include Barangay 1, Barangay 3, Barangay 8, Barangay 13, Barangay Singcang-Airport, and Barangay Felisa. This partnership is a vital component of UniKassel’s ongoing research project, which aims to find sustainable solutions for solid waste management in Bacolod City, with an emphasis on the significant participation of women in this crucial endeavor.

Notable attendees at the MOA signing ceremony included representatives from sponsoring organizations, such as Holger Diehl and Heike Gundlich from the Hessian Ministry and Gabriele Kohlisch from the GIZ Head Office. Additionally, Dr. Wagner, the lead researcher from UniKassel, was joined by Katharina Raab, a PhD student at UniKassel.

LCC Bacolod’s research team is comprised of several dedicated members, including Rodjhun Navarro, Rhoda Maghinay, Michael Emerson Amante, Adryan Valiao, Baniine Jone Abantao, Joan Shiena Ricablanca, Rejay Alvarado, Felix Dalida, Zilla Rossi Javier, Jules de la Paz, Marie Donna Mabaquiao, and Gary Peter Bello.

UniKassel is collaborating with two Higher Education Institutions in Bacolod City, with the University of St. La Salle being the other partner involved in this important initiative.

The project’s primary objective is to conduct a preliminary investigation to identify viable solutions for the solid waste management issues faced by the City of Bacolod. Ma. Fe Trespuentes, Head of the Department of Public Services, and the Environment and Natural Resources Office, as well as Terrence Dacles, GIZ Project Coordinator, were also present at the ceremony.

In tandem with the research project, LCC Bacolod will facilitate a series of “women empowerment workshops” targeting 15 members of the Informal Waste Sector Association of Bacolod City in Barangay Felisa. The objective of these workshops is to strengthen the organization’s role as a vital stakeholder in Bacolod City’s Solid Waste Management. Catherine Trespuentes will be overseeing these workshops, having signed an agreement with LCC Bacolod.

The project’s timeline spans from October 2023 to June 2024. During the event, Sr. Infante expressed her gratitude to the University of Kassel, GIZ, and the Local Government of Bacolod City for their trust in LCC Bacolod and for involving the institution in a project that aligns with its vision and mission. Dr. Wagner also commended the collaborative efforts of all project partners, signaling a promising start to this vital research endeavor and affirming their commitment to seeing the project through to fruition.