LCC Bacolod inks partnership agreement for Plastic Recycling

A memorandum of agreement (MOA) between the LCCB Institutional Environmental Advocacy Program (IEAP) and Subay Marketing, Inc. was signed to strengthen LCCB’s plastic waste management through plastic recycling. Originally based in Davao (Envirotech Waste Recycling), Subay Marketing, Inc. is the only plastic recycling facility, which has recently been established in Negros Occidental.

Present at the event were signatories LCCB School President Sr. Joan BC S. Infante, OSA and SMI’s President Jay S. Castronuevo who finalized the agreement in a ceremony held September 28, 2022 at LCCB Aves Conference Room. Also present were Mr. Adryan Valiao (LCCB IEAP Coordinator), Mr. Rodjhun Navarro (LCCB VPRIL), Atty. Ragem Ymballa (SMI Chief HRD and Legal), Ms. Lemar Ledesma (SMI Chief Business Development Officer) and Ms. Paola Vanessa Ymballa (SMI Manager and PCO).

Under the agreement, LCC Bacolod will turn over all kinds of plastics (especially single-use or soft plastic wastes) it can generate on campus to SMI which will then be converted into durable plastic tiles, bricks, pots and planters, lamps, garbage bins, canisters, picnic tables, lounging chairs, classroom tables, armchairs and etc. LCC Bacolod could purchase these products for its own use or donate a certain percentage of the total volume of plastic waste donated in a year for products that will benefit public schools or indigent fisher folks.

Through the Institutional Environmental Advocacy Program, LCC Bacolod and SMI will kickstart the plastic recycling initiative through a series of advocacy talks about the partnership agreement and an exhibit of sample products created using recycled plastics. It will also reactivate its material recovery facility to provide space for collection of soft plastics.

The agreement represents LCC Bacolod’s commitment to ensuring that its plastic waste is put to good use rather than ending up in dumping sites and landfills.