LCC Bacolod scores above national passing rates in the September 2021 Elementary and Secondary Level Licensure Exams for Teachers; ETEEAP alumni among successful examinees

In keeping with its track record in the board exams, La Consolacion College Bacolod scored above the national passing rate in the September 2021 Licensure Examinations for Teachers. The college attained a performance rating of 100% in the Elementary level against the national passing rate of 55.76%, and 68.75% in the Secondary level against the national passing rate of 57.76%.

A total of 12 graduates passed the examinations based on the report published by the Professional Regulations Commission on November 29, 2021. Among them are graduates of the Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP) who took supplemental courses to qualify for the LET.

Of the 12 successful examinees, only 10 names were identified alumni out of more than 15,000 who passed the board exams as of this writing. The long list of successful examinees did not indicate where they obtained their baccalaureate degree.

Those identified were Mark Asuela, Jessa Batina, Carla Joy Deguera, Arlie Joy Diaz, Rhea Ilalim, Jonalyn Lucasan, Geocel Marie Mana-ay, Mario Gabriel Panuela Jr., Ma. Herca Salgado, and Vincent Rose Sarnate.

Asuela, Ilalim and Lucasan obtained their baccalaureate degree in Business Administration through the ETEEAP, which allowed them to complete their degree through a 10-month adult education program as most of the units required in the curriculum were credited to their extensive work experiences before returning to college.

Asuela, 40, said that the ETEEAP was the springboard that gave the impetus for him to pursue his long-time dream to become a professional teacher. He was unable to finish his degree through regular schooling because of the need to earn a living to support his family. Asuela worked for eight yeast in the BPO industry. He is now a Senior High School teacher at Luis Hervias National High School.

LCC Bacolod’s performance rating was based on the total number of examinees whose college degree they earned from the college regardless of whether they graduated from its teacher education program, like Sarnate who holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Any college degree holder may take the board exams to earn a professional teachers license provided that they have completed supplemental courses in teacher education with a minimum credit of 18 units.

Sr. Joan Infante, OSA, VPAA expressed her excitement for the alumni who will soon become the country’s pool of professional teachers.

Sr. Infante, who is also among the faculty of the Teacher Education Program, stressed the important role of teachers in the community and emphasized that the teaching profession should not be relegated as a secondary choice but rather a career that prospective students should see as a path to their own fulfillment.

“We have to screen more the kind students who are taking Teacher Education – we need to really drive home the message that Education is not a second choice, the kind of teachers we produce could either spell disaster or progress for the country, and the good of humanity”, Sr. Infante said.

President Sister Maria A. Garcia, OSA congratulates all alumni who successfully passed the LET. She also congratulated the faculty of the School of Sciences, Liberal Arts and Teacher Education.*