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LCC Interior Design students showcase plates and projects

The ARFIEN Art Gallery is currently showcasing plates and projects of students of the Bachelor of Science in Interior Design. The exhibit opened Friday, June 24 at Sta. Monica Building on San Juan Street.

Nathalie May Reyes, BSID Student

Nathalie May Reyes, one of the students, said that the plates and projects were completed while the students were studying from home under the guidance and supervision of the teachers online. “Our teachers would check on us during our synchronous meetings throughout the development phases. So even though we are not on our drafting tables in school, we are able to produce the design plates required of us”, she said.

The design plates were from the majoring courses in the first year up to the fourth year level of the curriculum. Interior Designer, Rachel Jutare, BSID Program Head, said that the exhibit features outputs of Color Studies, Interior Design, Interior Floral Arrangement and Plantscaping, Finishing Materials and Resources among others. The plates showed free-hand drawings, computer-aided designs, and projects were actual flower arrangements, hand-crafted lamps and chandeliers.

BSID Program Head, IDR Rachel Jutare

The exhibit is dubbed as “Ugyon”, a Hiligaynon word for “collaborate”. Jutare said that the theme evokes unity, harmony and agreement. “It is also a call for action to collaborate which is an important skill in this century and necessary to survive and achieve in this very competitive world”, she said.

Edmund Bacia, Fine Arts faculty member and manager of The ARFIEN Gallery said that the theme defines how students and faculty in the program worked together to beat the challenges of COVID-19 pandemic to accomplish the goals of the BSID program. “Everyone in the BSID helped in building up and organizing the exhibition. Ugyon speaks of what unity can achieve”, he said.

LCC Bacolod President Sister Joan Infante, OSA led the ribbon cutting along with other sister administrators and faculty members. She congratulated the students, faculty, and administration as she encouraged greater collaboration among designers. “We can only achieve more if we are united and if we are open to collaboration because we do not exist in a vacuum”, she said.

The exhibit runs through the end of July 2022.