LCCB National Service Training Program Holds its 3rd Annual Laging Handa Seminar-Workshop on Disaster Preparedness and Fire Safety

The LCCB National Service Training Program recently organized its 3rd Annual Laging Handa Seminar-Workshop on Disaster Preparedness and Fire Safety. Attended by 450+ NSTP students from 11 sections, the event served as a platform to equip participants with essential skills and knowledge crucial in handling emergencies and ensuring community safety.

The day commenced with a Flag Ceremony and Energizer, led by the NSTP section Chastity, under the mentorship of Ms. Zhia Mareh Mirasol, setting a spirited tone for the event.

In her Opening Remarks, Sr. Joan BC S. Infante, OSA, School President, and NSTP Administrator, emphasized the significance of being “Laging Handa” or always prepared in facing potential disasters. Her words underscored the institution’s commitment to fostering a culture of preparedness among its students.

Mr. Adryan Valiao, LCCB NSTP Coordinator, then presented the rationale behind the activity, as well as commending the students for their dedication and the success of their ongoing implementation of various NSTP community-based projects.

The seminar-workshop featured two breakout sessions, each tailored to address specific aspects of disaster preparedness and fire safety.

The first session, focusing on Basic Fire Safety, was conducted by the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) Bacolod, with FO2 Jose Samuel G. Lapuz, Chief of the Community Relations Unit, serving as the speaker. Apart from informative lectures, students were given hands-on experience in handling emergencies, including the proper closure of an LPG tank engulfed in flames and the correct usage of fire extinguishers.

The second session delved into Disaster Preparedness, including a Mini Earthquake Drill, facilitated by the Bacolod Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (DRRMO). Speakers Rodolfo Jamora Jr., Jacqueline Khey, and Joepert Dalumpines provided insights on response strategies and practical tips for mitigating risks during calamities.

This marks the third consecutive year that LCCB NSTP has organized the Laging Handa Seminar-Workshop, reflecting its enduring commitment to proactive community engagement and safety advocacy.

The event concluded with participants expressing gratitude for the invaluable knowledge gained, reaffirming their dedication to being proactive agents of change and preparedness within their communities.

As disasters continue to pose significant threats to communities worldwide, initiatives like the Laging Handa Seminar-Workshop play a vital role in empowering individuals with the skills and awareness needed to mitigate risks and ensure the safety and resilience of society./AV #lccbNSTP #LagingHanda3 #LCCianNationBuilders #LCCBNSTPBatchHiraya