Nurturing Tomorrow’s Educators: LCCB School of Sciences, Liberal Arts and Teacher Education’s Student Interns Begin In-House Pre-Service Teaching

In an important step towards molding future educators, the LCCB School of Sciences, Liberal Arts and Teacher Education initiated the deployment of their student interns to the LCCB Integrated School for their in-house pre-service teaching for the First Semester of Academic Year 2023-2024. This pivotal undertaking commenced with an orientation session, where student teachers were introduced to the dynamics of teaching and learning in a real-world classroom environment. The orientation was conducted in collaboration with key stakeholders, including the SSLATE Dean, Practicum Adviser, Integrated School Academic Coordinator, and Cooperating Teachers, setting the stage for an enriching and comprehensive educational experience.

The orientation session served as the foundation upon which the student interns would build their teaching skills and expertise. It was designed to provide them with essential information, tools, and insights to navigate the intricacies of classroom instruction effectively.

One of the key highlights of the orientation was the introduction of the Cooperating Teachers. These experienced educators will serve as mentors and guides to the interns throughout their pre-service teaching journey. The collaborative relationship between interns and cooperating teachers is expected to foster a dynamic and supportive learning environment, benefitting both parties.

The deployment of Teacher Education student interns from the LCCB School of Sciences, Liberal Arts and Teacher Education to the LCCB Integrated School marks a significant step in their journey towards becoming effective and compassionate educators. As these future educators embark on this invaluable training opportunity, they do so with a clear sense of purpose, preparedness, and commitment to shaping the minds of the next generation. This endeavor reflects the institution’s dedication to producing skilled and compassionate teachers who will positively impact the field of education for years to come. #lccbSSLATE #BuildingDreamsTogetherwithLCCB