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Plumeria editors win Iwag Awards

Senior High School students Kamila Victoria Anne Espelita and Erl Myca Lozada, editors of Plumeria campus publication, were recognized as among the 45th Iwag Award recipients by the Philippine Information Agency in Region 6.

TheIwag Award is an incentive scheme designed by the Philippine Information Agency in Region VI, to give recognition to campus paper writers who excel in development communication and related fields, including academic performance. Since 1977, the Philippine Information Agency has cited students for promoting national development through the campus publications, according to the agency’s project brief.

Easter Anne Doza, PIA 6 Regional Training In-charge said that Espelita and Lozada had an evaluation rating of above 85% out of more than 50 delegates from public and private high schools in Western Visayas in the campus journalism workshop series organized by the agency.

A team of internal and external evaluators, all experienced journalists, evaluated the campus journalism portfolio, communication work experience, community involvement and academic performance reports of the campus editors.

President Sister Maria A. Garcia, OSA is pleased by the achievement earned by Espelita and Lozada. She congratulated them for proving that even the limitations imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic did not prevent them from serving their school and community through the noble work that they did as campus journalists. Sr. Garcia likewise congratulated the faculty advisers of Plumeria and their parents who provided the necessary support instrumental to their success.

Janrae Alcantara-Sanicas, Chairperson of Communication Arts English Area and Plumeria adviser said that the faculty have been very supportive of the campus journalists of the relatively young publication that was born during the pandemic, out of the need for students to be updated because they have been physically isolated from the school. She said that this success will serve as an inspiration to the staff of the publication and the future students who are looking for a platform where they can hone their writing and journalism skills.#