A Homecoming Six Years in the Making

In the heart of La Consolacion College Bacolod, anticipation mounts as the Senior High School Graduation Ceremony draws near. Among the esteemed speakers chosen to inspire and motivate the graduating class stands Lois Bernardino, a name synonymous with determination and creativity. Lois reflects on her unexpected journey from being part of the inaugural Senior High School class of 2018 to achieving remarkable success in the field of Interior Design, culminating in her impressive achievement of ranking 4th in the Licensure Examinations for Interior Designers last July 2023.

Little did Lois know, when she first walked the stage of her alma mater six years ago, that she would one day return as a beacon of inspiration. It’s a twist of fate that she embraces wholeheartedly, a testament to the unpredictable yet fulfilling nature of life’s journey.

Finding Passion in Design

For Lois, the path to Interior Design was paved with a childhood passion for creativity and aesthetics. From an early age, she found joy in painting, crafting, and creating miniature worlds within her imagination. This innate love for the arts led her to explore various mediums and disciplines, eventually guiding her to pursue the Arts and Design track during her Senior High School years.

“It was the impact of the built interior environment on our daily lives that truly fascinated me,” Lois shares. “I saw the potential to make a difference through design, to create spaces that not only function efficiently but also inspire and uplift.”

Shaping Dreams in Pioneering Grounds

As a member of the pioneering Senior High School class of 2018, Lois found herself at the forefront of experimentation and exploration. Despite the challenges that come with being labeled as the “experimental” group, Lois embraced the opportunity to delve into various art and design disciplines.

“Being part of the pioneering batch was an enriching experience,” she recalls. “It allowed me to explore different facets of the arts, from theater and sculpture to architecture and Interior Design. It was during this time that I rediscovered my passion for designing interior spaces.”

A Defining Moment

One pivotal moment during Lois’s journey was the opportunity to attend college classes in the Interior Design department. Immersed in the world of design and mentored by professionals in the field, Lois found herself drawn to the intricacies of Interior Design.

“These sessions were eye-opening for me,” Lois reflects. “I was able to witness firsthand the impact of design on people’s lives and the importance of thoughtful and intentional spaces. It was during these moments that I knew Interior Design was my calling.”

Preparing for Success

With her sights set on a career in Interior Design, Lois dedicated herself to preparing for the challenges ahead. She approached her studies with a combination of passion, diligence, and faith, trusting in the process and committing to continuous growth.

“Preparation for me was about finding joy in the journey,” she explains. “It was about breaking down complex concepts into manageable tasks, identifying my weaknesses, and working tirelessly to overcome them. But above all, it was about trusting in God’s plan and leaning on His wisdom.”

A Vision for the Future

As Lois stands on the brink of addressing the graduating class, her thoughts turn to the future. Armed with a wealth of knowledge, skills, and experiences, she is eager to apply her expertise in shaping environments that enrich lives and foster connections.

“In the field of Interior Design, every space tells a story,” Lois says with a smile. “My goal is to continue telling stories that resonate with people, that inspire them to dream, create, and connect. And as I stand here today, I am filled with hope and excitement for the journey ahead.”

Inspiring the Next Generation

As Lois takes the stage to address the graduating class, her words resonate with passion and purpose. She shares her journey, her insights, and her dreams, inspiring the next generation of designers to pursue their passions with courage and conviction.

“To all the aspiring Interior Designers out there,” Lois declares, “I urge you to embrace the three ‘P’s’ – the Plan, the People, and the Profession. Trust in the process, value relationships, and above all, love what you do. For it is through passion and dedication that we truly make a difference in the world.”

Lois Bernardino stands tall, a beacon of inspiration and hope for generations to come. Her homecoming, six years in the making, marks not only a celebration of achievement but also a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and the pursuit of dreams.#