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Academic Support Heads of La Consolacion College Bacolod Participate in Workshop on Institutional Research to Improve Training Evaluation

La Consolacion College Bacolod (LCCB) recently organized a workshop on institutional research aimed at studying existing data on training needs and evaluation of services. The workshop brought together academic support administrators to discuss innovative approaches to improving academic support services.

The primary objective of the workshop was to develop strategies to enhance training programs and services, with a focus on data-driven decision-making. Attendees shared experiences and insights, and gained insights into the latest research methodologies and tools for conducting institutional research.

LCCB President, Sr. Joan Brigida Corazon S. Infante, OSA, was present in the workshop held on February 8-9, 2023. Administrators from Guidance Services Centers, Library, Student Affairs and Services Office, Clinic, Quality Assurance Unit, Human Resource Development Office, Center for Spirituality and Mission, and the National Service Training Program, as well as administrators from La Consolacion College Isabela, participated in the workshop.

Rodjhun Navarro, Vice President for Research, Innovations, and Linkages facilitated the workshop, and Rejay Alvarado, Academic Coordinator, provided inputs on descriptive statistics and sampling techniques. The workshop produced seven institutional research proposals, five of them on training needs assessment and two papers on the evaluation of services by assessing student satisfaction. The proposals were evaluated by Dr. Carmen Menes, LCC’s Research Director.

Sr. Infante highlighted the importance of research in improving the quality of services. “Research plays a critical role in improving the quality of services. By conducting research, we can identify the needs of the target audience, understand their experiences and preferences, and evaluate the effectiveness of the services we provide,” she said.

The workshop highlighted the importance of institutional research in supporting academic success, particularly in a rapidly changing and increasingly complex educational landscape. By collaborating on research and sharing best practices, academic support heads can ensure that they are providing high-quality, effective services to students and faculty.

In the next two weeks, the administrators will work to gather information to answer the objectives of the study. Then, the group will have another workshop to analyze and report the findings of the studies.

LCCB is committed to facilitating continued learning and innovation in the field of academic support services. This workshop was just one of the many initiatives that the institution is undertaking to improve the quality of academic support services.