Cinematic Alchemy: LCCB SSLATE Hosts Successful Inaugural Science, Technology, and Society Film Festival

The LCCB School of Sciences, Liberal Arts & Teacher Education marked a historic milestone with its inaugural “1st Science, Technology, and Society Film Festival.” A captivating blend of education and entertainment, the festival showcased the creative prowess of students who seamlessly integrated scientific concepts into the realm of filmmaking.

Under the guidance of Mr. Rewey Lavilles, Instructor in Science, Technology, and Society (STS), the festival’s “Showing and Judging” took place on January 5, 2024, at the LCCB Luisa Medel Little Theater. The event saw the screening of five exceptional entries, each stemming from different STS classes, creating a diverse tapestry of scientific narratives on the silver screen.

The winning entries, in order of merit, were “Mastermind,” “Seven o’ Clock,” “Underrated,” “Alon(e),” and “Threads of Life.” Each film stood out for its unique storytelling, innovative use of technology, and the seamless integration of scientific principles, fulfilling the festival’s objective to bridge the gap between science and society through the medium of film.

The films, presented as the students’ final exams, not only showcased technical proficiency but also demonstrated a deep understanding of the various topics discussed in STS classes. From ethical dilemmas to technological advancements, the narratives ingeniously weaved together elements of science, technology, and societal impact.

In addition to the main awards, the festival recognized outstanding achievements in various categories typical of a film festival. Notable mentions included Individual Awards for the actors, Best Cinematography, and Best Screenplay, among others. The accolades highlighted not only the storytelling prowess of the students but also their technical finesse in cinematography, editing, and overall film production.

Mr. Lavilles expressed his pride in the students’ dedication and creative exploration of science through the lens of film. The festival not only served as a platform for students to showcase their talents but also as a testament to the innovative approach to education within LCC Bacolod.

As the curtains fell on the 1st Science, Technology, and Society Film Festival, it left an indelible mark on LCCB’s academic landscape, heralding a new era where science and creativity converge to enlighten and entertain. The festival’s success is a testament to the institution’s commitment to fostering a holistic approach to education, one that extends beyond traditional boundaries and embraces the dynamic intersection of science and the arts./AV #lccbSSLATE #LCCBCommunityofFriends #BuildingDreamsTogetherwithLCCB