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LCCB Senior High School’s ‘Colors of Kultura: A Dance Spectrum’ Shines with Cultural and Artistic Vibrancy

In a dazzling display of culture and artistry, the Senior High School students of LCCB showcased their talents in the much-anticipated event, “Colors of Kultura: A Dance Spectrum.” This Grade 12 Physical Education and Health 3 Culminating Activity, held on January 4, 2024, at the LCCB Centennial Covered Quadrangle, was a celebration of Philippine Folk Dances and Creative-Native Dances.

Organized by Mr. June Mark Casuyon and Ms. Luchie Mae Bretania, Subject Area Chair of PE&H, and LCCB SHS PE&H faculty, the event was a testament to the dedication and passion of the students towards preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines through dance.

The event was filled with rhythmic movements, vibrant costumes, and a palpable sense of camaraderie as Grade 12 students from various sections took the stage to perform their meticulously rehearsed routines. The traditional grace of Philippine Folk Dances and the innovative flair of Creative-Native Dances captivated the audience, transporting them to a realm where tradition seamlessly intertwined with modern expression.

In the spotlight were two outstanding sections, Grade 12 – St. Alexius and Grade 12 – St. Benedict, who emerged victorious in their respective categories. St. Alexius clinched the top spot in the Philippine Folk Dance category, while St. Benedict stole the show with their mesmerizing Creative-Native Dance performance.

The winners were not only awarded for their exemplary dance performances but also for their commitment to preserving the cultural roots embedded in each movement. The adjudicators praised the winning sections for their precision, synchronization, and the genuine embodiment of the cultural narratives within their performances.

As the curtains fell on “Colors of Kultura: A Dance Spectrum,” it left an indelible mark on the LCCB community, showcasing the profound talent and cultural awareness of its Grade 12 students. The event not only celebrated the diversity of Philippine dance traditions but also served as a reminder of the power of the arts to unite and inspire./AV #lccbSHS #AimHighSoarHighLCCBSeniorHigh #LCCBCommunityofFriends #BuildingDreamsTogetherwithLCCB