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DEJ VOL. 3, NO. 1 (2014)

LCCB Development Education Journal of Multidisciplinary Research

The Development Education Journal (DEJ) of Multidisciplinary Research is a peer-reviewed journal which aims to publish for widespread dissemination new discoveries in the various disciplines of knowledge. DEJ provides a venue for scholars to publish their research findings for advocacy and utilization.

The journal publishes articles that present research findings on various fields which can contribute to human wellbeing and development.

ISSN 2243-9609 (Print)


Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction of Employees in a Retail Establishment
Charleine Nisola-Blance | Carmen C. Menes

Consumption Pattern and Marketing Practices of Selected Vegetables and Root Crops
Victoria M. De Padua | Venelyn L. Bersamira

Enhanced Femaleness Expression of Papaya (Carica Papaya var. Legazpi Special) Seed through 100 ppm IBA Application
Pet Roey L. Pascual | Jerwin S. Zanoria | Catalino S. Higida

The 1997 Asian Financial Crisis and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Inflows to ASEAN Member Countries, 1995-2005
Rosalina Palanca-Tan

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