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Fairtrade Computer Literacy Training for Women Formers held at La Consolacion College Bacolod

The Computer Literacy Training for Women farmers sponsored by Fairtrade Network of Asia Pacific Producers (Fairtrade NAPP) concluded today, November 15, 2023. The training was delivered by La Consolacion College Bacolod and spanned 10 days from September 10, 2023.

Computer instructor, Ernie Mallorca conducted the training among 20 members of the women committees of six farmer associations in Negros Occidental. The aim of the training was to build producer ability and capacity to use computers and related technology effectively and efficiently, improve computer literacy and have adequate experience in using computer for day to day operation and business communication.

Erika Natasha Siaron, Fairtrade NAPP Country Lead, hopes that the training will also boost the participants’ confidence to maximize the benefits of the digital technology to strengthen the organizational operations of their farmer associations.

The participants were very grateful of the opportunity that was given to them by Fairtrade NAPP with LCC Bacolod as the training provider. In their video-recorded testimonies, they said that they appreciated that they are now able to create documents using word processors, sheets, and slide presentation tools. They said that they liked that they are not only able to execute formulas using Excel but also enjoyed the exercise of creativity offered by the PowerPoint.

“Throughout these sessions, I am particularly eager to learn more about using Microsoft Excel, as this is where I encounter the most difficulty, especially with calculations. With the guidance of Sir Ernie, I have gained valuable insights into using formulas and performing calculations effectively. In today’s Session 5, which focused on Microsoft PowerPoint, I am actively developing my creativity, particularly through incorporating images and utilizing various background options” said Candice Marie Medel, a participant, as written in the closed captions of their video-recorded testimonies.

“I am filled with immense pride and joy to witness the remarkable transformation of our farmer participants, who initially possessed no computer knowledge. Their progress is truly exceptional, and I consider it a significant achievement as their instructor”, Mallorca said.

Rodjhun Navarro, LCC Bacolod VP for Linkages congratulated the participants. “Nothing could be more fulfilling for LCC Bacolod than knowing that the training was well appreciated by the participants and seeing how they were very interested and committed to developing their computer skills”, he said.

Sr. Joan Brigida Corazon S. Infante, OSA, LCC Bacolod President thanked Fairtrade NAPP for working with LCC Bacolod on the training which she said is very aligned with the institution’s mission to serve the marginalized in the community.

“We hope that this training will help the women farmers to improve their livelihoods and contribute to the development of their communities”, she said.