Equity Unveiled: LCCB NSTP & IEAP Symposium Explores the Just Transition through Gender Lens

Last November 11, 2023, the LCCB Auditorium set the stage for a symposium organized by the LCCB National Service Training Program and the Institutional Environmental Advocacy Program in collaboration with the Negrosanon Initiative for Climate and the Environment (NICE). The symposium’s thematic core, “Equity in Transition: Understanding the Just Transition through the Gender Lens,” spurred thought-provoking discussions, unraveling the intricate relationship between climate change, gender issues, and the pursuit of a sustainable future.

The symposium comprised three distinct sessions, each providing a targeted exploration of its designated topic. Coleen Awit, Climate and Energy Campaigner at NICE and MEAL Manager at NYLI, led Session 1, offering attendees a comprehensive view of the gender dimensions entwined with climate change and energy transitions. The audience gained insights into the multifaceted impacts of environmental policies on diverse gender groups.

Session 2, spearheaded by Eldemar Sabete, the Food, Agriculture, and Public Engagement Campaigner at NICE, focused on the indispensable role of young farmers and the labor sector in achieving a just transition. The session underscored the imperative of empowering these key stakeholders as catalysts for a sustainable and equitable future.

Shifting the lens locally, Session 3 featured Yna Ysabelle Arcenas, Head of the Learning, Education, and Research Working Group at NICE, providing participants with a deeper understanding of the specific challenges and opportunities for Negros Occidental in navigating the path towards a just transition.

Exclusive to LCCB NSTP students, the symposium not only expanded their comprehension of climate challenges but also prompted contemplation on the profound impact on gender equity. Beyond the academic discourse, the event aimed to instill a collective commitment to environmental awareness, social responsibility, and gender inclusivity.

The symposium symbolized the institution’s commitment to fostering environmental awareness, social responsibility, and gender inclusivity. As the echoes of the symposium linger, participants carry with them not just knowledge but a renewed sense of purpose towards building a greener, more equitable world.

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