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La Consolacion College Bacolod Demonstrates Commendable Preparedness in Successful Fire and Earthquake Drill

La Consolacion College Bacolod achieved a significant milestone in safety preparedness on November 22, 2023, through the successful execution of a Fire and Earthquake Drill. Organized by the LCCB Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (DRRMO) and Safety Office, in collaboration with the Bacolod Bureau of Fire Protection and the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office, the drill showcased a comprehensive and coordinated approach to emergency response.

LCCB’s commitment to safety and disaster preparedness was notably reflected in the commendations received for the establishment of a disaster response and fire brigade team. The institution’s foresight in forming these teams was recognized as a pivotal step towards enhancing campus-wide emergency readiness. The drill provided an opportunity to assess and fine-tune response strategies, ensuring that the college community is well-equipped to handle potential emergencies effectively.

Authorities from the Bacolod Bureau of Fire Protection and the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office lauded La Consolacion College Bacolod for its overall preparedness and the concerted effort invested in the drill. The acknowledgment underlines the institution’s dedication to maintaining a secure environment for students, faculty, and staff.

Special gratitude was extended to the faculty, personnel, and student volunteer responders from the LCCB Red Cross Youth and LCCB Amity Youth for their invaluable contributions. These individuals played a crucial role in the drill’s success, demonstrating the strength of collaborative efforts in ensuring a comprehensive and efficient emergency response. Their commitment to actively participating in safety initiatives underscores the importance of involving the entire college community in creating a resilient and prepared campus.

Looking forward, La Consolacion College Bacolod aims to further enhance the capabilities of its disaster response and fire brigade team by providing a refresher training. This initiative reflects the institution’s proactive approach to continuous improvement in emergency preparedness, ensuring that team members are well-equipped and up-to-date with the latest protocols.

The success of the Fire and Earthquake Drill serves as a testament to La Consolacion College Bacolod’s commitment to proactive safety measures. The joint efforts between LCCB’s DRRMO, Safety Office, local authorities, and dedicated volunteers exemplify the effectiveness of a unified approach in building a resilient educational environment.

As LCCB continues to prioritize safety initiatives, the lessons learned from this drill will undoubtedly contribute to ongoing improvements in emergency response protocols. The college’s dedication to fostering a culture of preparedness ensures that it remains a beacon of safety and security for all members of the academic community. #LCCBat104 #BuildingDreamsTogetherwithLCCB #LCCBCommunityofFriends